Tibetan or American Indian?

Tibetan Woman at Festival near Tagong

I met this woman at a month-long reading that a High Lama was giving in a little village outside Tagong. (In the winter, the readings can last up to 3 months!!!) Her look, her mood, her smile and her jewelry looked so American Indian to me. I keep saying to Thomas that I feel like I am in Arizona or New Mexico in the 1920s. There are many striking similarities between Tibet and the American Southwest – perhaps that is one of the reasons why I feel so incredibly at home here.

2 responses to “Tibetan or American Indian?”

  1. avatar ranjau says:

    She would not have looked out of place in any of the pueblos in New Mexico. She looked so calm, confident and regal even. But are you sure she is a woman and not someone’s uncle?

  2. avatar Pella says:

    Well much like Native Americans, Tibetans too had their lands stolen. They were chased away from their lands and their cultures eradicated. Many escaped the invasion of Tibet in the 50s and have migrated to other nations like India, UK and USA. The people of Tibet are still oppressed to this day as they’re not allowed to practice their religion and have no rights as citizens.

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