Tibetan or American Indian?

Tibetan Woman at Festival near Tagong

I met this woman at a month-long reading that a High Lama was giving in a little village outside Tagong. (In the winter, the readings can last up to 3 months!!!) Her look, her mood, her smile and her jewelry looked so American Indian to me. I keep saying to Thomas that I feel like I am in Arizona or New Mexico in the 1920s. There are many striking similarities between Tibet and the American Southwest – perhaps that is one of the reasons why I feel so incredibly at home here.

One response to “Tibetan or American Indian?”

  1. avatar ranjau says:

    She would not have looked out of place in any of the pueblos in New Mexico. She looked so calm, confident and regal even. But are you sure she is a woman and not someone’s uncle?

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