Thomas vs. Philip Morrisovich

Monkeys (and Russians) just want to have fun. But when this unsuspecting Russian tourist graciously offered a Balinese macaque a lit cigarette to clear his primate palette, ultra-radical environmental activist Thomas had to put the kibosh on the poor tourist’s┬áSlavic fun.

Alerted from my perch atop a nearby temple by the booming echoes of Thomas’ enraged voice, I just had time to snap a shot of the exact moment he stamped out the cigarette. You could clearly see the disappointment in the poor monkey’s face… and the Russian’s. (Oh, so sad.)

Let’s just say, I’ve never been prouder.

5 responses to “Thomas vs. Philip Morrisovich”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Thank you, Thomas, for (facing off) yet another idiot tourist.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Oh, I was so mad! Tony didn’t mention that the guy gave the monkey another cigarette after I stamped out the first one. And, of course, I yelled some more and stamped it out again. That’s when he finally gave up.

  2. avatar Holly says:

    I love this! I’m glad you made your point and saved a monkey from harm. It was nice to meet you and Tony at the zoo and hope to run into you all again in the future.

  3. avatar Nooraini Mydin says:

    Hi Thomas

    Thank you for your swift action. I was hiking in the Penang botanical gardens rainforest in Malaysia last month with my friends. At the top of this particular trail there was a rest area with an outdoor gym and free tea and coffee. This area has been home to macaques for donkey’s years. There was an alpha male shaking the branches to warn people that it was his territory. A man took out a sling shot (he must do this all the time) and aimed a shot at the monkey. I immediately approached him to ask why he was harming the animal and he said: “Do you want him to steal your belongings?” I told him I was quite capable of looking after my own property without his intervention. He ignored me and pulled the strap. I ended up grabbing the end of the rubber strap. It did stop him but nobody else backed me up because it seems it is simply not the done thing to stop a fellow countryman and embarrass him like that, no matter what harm the monkey could come to.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Good for you Nooraini. We both would have definitely backed you up. People like that make us crazy.

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