Thomas’ 100th Dive

Hip, hip, huray! I’m lucky enough to have just celebrated my 100th dive while here in Komodo, considered one of the best dive spots in the world. It is custom for the 100th dive to be done in the nude. Being a free spirit, I considered it for a moment, but decided a wetsuit was probably best. Knowing that Tatawa Kecil was supposed to be a spectacular dive site, I didn’t want to distract my fellow divers from the natural attractions. (Besides, if I’m going to dive naked, I want all the attention on me, me, me.)

As it turns out, Tatawa Kecil, which Tony described in detail in Komodo, Diver’s Paradise, has quickly become one of my favorite dive sites in Komodo. The fantastic visibility and the mind-blowing array of colorful table corals were the perfect gift from nature for this special occasion.

But beyond the stunning underwater beauty, I’m celebrating the fact that I ever had the courage to start diving. People who know me know that I used to be – well – not the most adventurous person. When I was younger, I was a lot more hesitant when it came to pushing past my boundaries of comfort. Clearly, I have come a long way. Here’s to another 100 dives!

4 responses to “Thomas’ 100th Dive”

  1. Congratulations, you adventure fiend! Here’s to you!

  2. avatar Gary Arndt says:


    I stopped counting a while ago. I think I’m around 110 but I’m not positive.

  3. avatar Lisa Nunn says:

    Congratulations! You seriously make me want to take up diving. Miss you.

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