The World’s Deadliest Country…

… for journalists, that is. And it’s no cakewalk for politicians either.

Rewards Poster Philippines

It turns out that this tropical paradise has a dark side. In 2009, the Philippines was listed as the world’s most dangerous country for journalists. Yikes, does that include bloggers? We’d better keep our questions to ourselves. I love the country, everything is great, the weather is perfect…

But seriously, the Philippines has a serious problem. Interestingly, the country doesn’t seem to be covering up the violence. The photos of the “Rewards Poster” shown in this posting were taken at the tourist office in Sagada. Apparently, the government is hoping that travelers might be able to shed some light on all the killings. Maybe Thomas and I should become tropical bounty hunters, that would be a novel way to fund our travels.

If you are wondering why the problem is so out of control, it most certainly is a result of the rampant corruption. The Philippines consistently ranks low on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. (And I’m pretty sure the Philippines is scoring higher than it deserves.)

If you took a close look at the photo above, you might be wondering what form of murder “strafing” is. It’s the practice of attacking ground targets from a low-flying aircraft. Geeze, every time I hear a plane, I’m going to be running for cover.

Rewards Poster Philippines

One response to “The World’s Deadliest Country…”

  1. avatar Maria says:

    If there’s a list of corrupt govt, i would not be surprised if the Phils on the number one spot. This is why there’s so much poverty, because unless you are born rich, the only way to survive and keep your head above water is to learn to play the game.

    In the west, there is at least some kind of hand outs for the poor from the govt. Here, there is none. Filipinos are kind and help each other and sadly the dirt poor are only helped by mainly private or religious organizations. My opinion is that Filipinos don’t tolerate corruption but they are afraid to fight a very powerful govt officials, many have died quietly fighting it.

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