The Tule Tree


The Tule Tree just outside Oaxaca City is one of the little known wonders of Mexico. A Montezuma cypress roughly estimated to be around 1,400 years old, the Tule Tree has a circumference of 42 meters (138 ft), greater than any known tree in the world. To find a competitor which is even roughly approaches the Tule Tree, skeptics have to play some serious mathematical games. The massive plume of green foliage is so large that it dwarfs the neighboring church.

Now that is a true natural wonder! And just one of the many treasures in the region around Oaxaca.



2 responses to “The Tule Tree”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    I remember that tree! The locals I talked to didn’t really know much about it. As I recall, there was a bus stop right in front of it….

    • avatar Thomas says:

      We didn’t see the bus stop, maybe because the tree is surrounded by a wall. To see the tree, you have to pay a small entry fee which supports the convent grounds. When you were there Laurelle, it was probably free.

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