The Traveling Honeymooners

Where did you go on your honeymoon? When Jeff and Jennifer are asked that question in the future, they are going to have one hell of an impressive answer. “Oh, we went to Fiji… and New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina.

Yep, that’s right, a 13-month, 26 country extravaganza to celebrate their nuptials. Yikes, that puts pretty much everyone to shame! They have so many stops on their around the world ticket, they couldn’t use an e-ticket because the computer program can’t handle that many destinations for the same trip! Their paper ticket looks like a small phone book!

When we met them half way through their adventure, they were planning a mid-summer trek in the Annapurnas. Not your typical Honeymoon activity, but very cool and challenging with the monsoons.

Of course, I asked them about their decision to pack 26 countries into a 13-month period. They responded that they wanted to start a family when they get back to their home city of San Francisco, so it’s pretty much now or never. They sat down and created the ultimate what-I-want-to-see list and went for it.

Clearly, the marriage is destined for success. When asked about the highlights of the trip, they both immediately thought of Inlay Lake in Myanmar. Interestingly, they visited Myanmar a mere three weeks after the cyclone that devastated the Irrawaddy delta (another wow-inspiring piece of honeymoon trivia.) The cyclone had little effect on traveling in the country, but they clearly couldn’t visit the delta.

Around the world in 13 months – now that’s the way to celebrate a marriage. (And if you make it through 13 months in the same hotel room, you can make it through anything.) Good luck you guys, keep in touch and let us know how the wedding adventure turns out.

To find out more about Jennifer and Jeff, visit their travel blog.

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