The Philippines

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  1. avatar greeneyes says:


  2. avatar Barbara says:

    Really enjoyed following your Philippines trip, especially the beautiful photos, but I came in late so I’ll have to find time to catch up on previous posts-I was a Peace Corps volunteer there in the 1980’s and always enjoy hearing about what’s happening there now.

  3. Spectacular photography, guys. I bow down to your excellence! (Ouch.)

  4. avatar tz says:

    just want you to know im a great fan of your blogs! I followed every journey you had in the Philippines. Im glad you enjoyed your stay here. Sad it will end soon. If ever you have a chance to come back here someday…big smiles and warm arms wide still welcome you.

  5. avatar dina says:

    I enjoyed reading your blogs, it really encourages one to travel. I am proud of the Philippines especially after reading this.

  6. Excellent and fantastic photos!

  7. avatar Dave Garton says:

    Fabulous pictures, and I shall be endeavouring to post some good ones after our 5 week visit at Christmas. Many thanks,,,

  8. avatar Tbone says:

    Spent a lot of time in the Philippines its a country you have to take it or leave it but often its worth the effort.

  9. avatar MV says:

    nice colorful photography! love your outlook on travel!

  10. I’m glad you went to Banaue. It’s a wonder….

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