The Olga Show

So who’s the best street performer in Berlin? That might sound like a tough question considering all the talented musicians, acrobats, magicians and more who pass through the city each year.

In our opinion, the answer is quite obvious: it’s Olga Kholodnaia, a Russian violinist who stops us in our tracks every time we happen upon one of her performances.

Over and over, she pops up in crowded hot spots such as Alexanderplatz or Mauerpark and always draws a crowd with her upbeat take on a variety of artists from Vivaldi to Nirvana. My personal favorite is her interpretation of Piazzolla’s Libertango (I was always a Grace Jones fan).

Beautiful, funny, and extremely talented, Olga is a natural entertainer. So if you’re wandering around Berlin and you hear great violin music emanating from a huge crowd, run over and catch her doing her thing. Remember, if you see her in person, don’t forget to buy a CD or drop some money in her collection box. This woman has to make a living. 🙂 Olga also has a web site and Facebook page where you can check for upcoming performances.

2 responses to “The Olga Show”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Olga, Olga, Olga!!!

  2. avatar LTDemron says:

    There is something great about her playing in front of that wall covered with graffiti.

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