The Long Road Back

Black-Necked Cranes, Tibet

Two days of driving to the Nepalese border and most of it was backtracking via the same route by which we had come. Our 17-day trip was almost over and I knew, we would hit the same spine-crumbling potholes again.

Tibetan Landscape

I didn’t expect a lot of excitement going back. Going through familiar terrain, though, provides a chance to relax and let your mind wander. I believe all of us were thinking about the last 15 days as we sat in the car silently driving by herds of Eastern Kiang and watching Lake Manasarovar disappear in the distance.

Eastern Kiang, Tibet

Tony and I had just talked how lucky we were to have found Dimitri and Irina and how the trip had worked out perfectly, when we got a flat tire. The first one on the whole trip! Luckily, it was right next to a herd of Tibetan gazelle.

Dimitri and Irina Exhausted

Within twenty minutes, Pema and Losang fixed the flat and we continued our trip slowly rumbling along toward the Nepali border stopping once in a while to watch endangered black-necked cranes or to admire the Himalayas peaking out behind the barren Tibetan mountains.

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    These are REALLY beautiful wildlife photos

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