The Best Ways to Explore Europe


Planning a trip to Europe can be a very overwhelming and tedious task. Before you start getting excited about exploring the piazzas in Rome or trying out Spanish tapas, it is important that you have a well-planned to-do list, especially for first-timers.

The more prepared you are, the greater the chances of your trip becoming smooth and successful. Here are some of the best ways to explore Europe – from arranging your transportation to creating your itinerary.

Interrailing through Europe

Getting an InterRail ticket is one of the most convenient ways to get around Europe and is relatively easy to plan. It is an affordable and exciting way of exploring the area. Through the interrail, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps, visit bustling cities, and marvel at the beaches and mountainsides.

What makes interrailing so much fun is that you can hop on and off for free to any destination, so it’s perfect for backpackers who love going on spontaneous trips. If you do want to reserve train seats or stay in bunk beds, you would have to pay additional fees. Do remember to bring your passport with you all the time, especially if you purchase a global pass that lets you go around several European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Austria, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, and many others.

Take the Ferry

The interrail can get a bit boring sometimes so you can try seeing the continent by taking the ferry. Several ferries can take you across the Mediterranean Sea, shuttle you to Ibiza from mainland Spain, or bring you to remote islands near Scandinavia. There are even some ships that could take you from Barcelona to Rome.

Small Group Tours Across Italy

If you enjoy long, laid-back sunny days, joining small group tours around Italy and other locations is a great way for you to enjoy Europe. These group tours, often made up of 18 tourists at the most, give you a tour of ancient Rome, the Renaissance, and the rest of Italy’s rich culture, history, and cuisine.

Volunteer Projects in Portugal

Whilst everyone loves going on a holiday to relax, an extremely rewarding and exciting trip alternative is to get involved with a volunteer project abroad. Aside from the beautiful landscapes and monuments that you could see in Portugal, you may want to try volunteering in this little country. If you love the ocean, you can join volunteer marine conservation programs that focus on efforts to preserve the marine ecosystem in the South Coast of the country. Volunteers often collaborate with diving schools, where they get to see the wonders of the Atlantic while cleaning up rubbish under the sea.

If exploring the ocean isn’t your thing, you can explore all that the wild has to offer in Portugal by becoming a wolf conservation volunteer. By doing so, you can participate in daily activities in park centers to help save the endangered Iberian Wolf. Activities include animal feeding, forest cleaning, water checking, and other tasks.

Other volunteer activities in Portugal include rebuilding houses of families living in poverty and taking part in nutrition-focused volunteer programs that aim to combat food waste.

Sightseeing in Budapest

The majestic sights of Hungary’s capital are also a must-visit. The Buda Castle is best seen during the day, and visiting the Chain Bridge is something that you shouldn’t miss at night. If you have more time, spend some in the Széchenyi or Gellért thermal baths to relax. You might also want to experience rural life by taking a train to Balatonakarattya and Lake Balaton.

There are so many more experiences and places that Europe has to offer; this list only gives you a start of what you can do on this beautiful continent.

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