The Badlands

By Tony – South Dakota, USA 2002

Complete silence and seclusion. The sound of buffalo wandering not far from our tent as the sun sets over a small hill in the distance. It really doesn’t take much to get away from the crowds out here. Cliff swallows or bighorn sheep – there’s always a little reward for those who dare to get out of their cars and explore.

2 responses to “The Badlands”

  1. avatar D Dunning says:

    Hi! I am a professional wildlife photographer and am currently in the Badlands. I am looking for a cliff swallow colony just like the picture you posted! Do you remember where that was in the park? I realize this was many years ago and it may not be there still but I would love to find out! Thanks very much! D

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, we are traveling and don’t always have immediate online access. It was quite a few years ago, but I believe the picture was taken along Sage Creek past the Sage Creek overlook. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember where exactly we hiked down. This picture was taken not far from the cliff swallow colony, I hope this helps.

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