That’s Nature for You

After braving the mass tourism and overdevelopment further north, we finally decided to retreat to Koh Tarutao National Park, our island hideaway in Satun Province.

This time, we went to Koh Adang, an island we explored on our previous visit, but didn’t write about. One of the island’s most intriguing features WAS a beautiful sandspit that had formed near the park’s visitor center. This amazing formation not only created an idyllic, protected pool of turquoise water, but the sand was so steep that you could literally jump off the beach into several meters of water. Fantastic.

I wrote “WAS” because the sandspit has been destroyed by the storms and rough seas that swept across Thailand over the last couple of months. BUMMER. Well, that’s nature for you. I guess we’ll have to content ourselves with beautiful beaches, lush jungle, and technicolor sunsets, instead.

For visitors thinking of going to Koh Adang now, this visit took place before the park closed on May 15, 2011. Koh Tarutao National Park will reopen after the rainy season in November.

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