Tasty Tarantulas

One of the more exotic snacks in Cambodia are deep-fried tarantulas. A food born out of necessity during the meager years of the Pol Pot regime, Cambodians enjoy their crisp tarantulas to this day.

Tony, Beverly and I are quite experimental when it comes to food. But there are limits. The thought of stuffing a sizeable hairy spider into our mouths was almost too much to bear. But only almost. Watch this short video and see who’s enjoying themselves beyond what you’d consider normal.

14 responses to “Tasty Tarantulas”

  1. I love your silly mugs!

  2. Oh my and I thought Chez Panisse was the posh spot.

  3. Could. Not. Do. It!

  4. Tony was the best. “It tastes like a tarantula!”

  5. I heard its similar to crab. Is that true?

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