Still Much to Discover

Are you, like me, worried that the mysteries of the world are quickly coming to an end, that all great discoveries have been made, that the world is quickly becoming a boring place. Well, it seems that Mother Earth still has some surprises up her sleeve.

We recently introduced the mysterious oarfish to our visitors in the form of a rather questionable picture of the legendary Naga from Laos. By some strange stroke of coincidence, scientists recently managed to capture a living oarfish on film for the first time. It’s quite a surreal creature.

Other recent discoveries here in the Philippines also spark the imagination. Researchers have discovered a new, multicolored giant monitor lizard which can grow up to two meters long in northern Luzon. (You might remember that we have a special place in our hearts for monitor lizards.) And straight out of Little Shop of Horrors, scientist have discovered a giant, meat-eating pitcher plant in Palawan, although I don’t think it will be swallowing up any people.

Isn’t it great to know that there is still something to discover in a rather used-up world?

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  1. Really cool about the oarfish and the manefish, but all I can think about is the freakin’ oil spill. How’s that gonna affect these rarely-seen deep sea creatures? We will probably never know.

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