By Tony – Jammu and Kashmir, India 2008

Srinagar, Kashmir’s legendary city of water, is one of those places travelers are scouring the world to discover. Drifting along in a shikara taking in its lakes and waterways as the echoing call to prayer issues forth from a hundred mosques, it is hard to comprehend that this is usually known as a city of conflict. The cries of eagles and kites intermix with gentle splashing as veiled women paddle by in the shadows of overhanging trees. The colorful markets filled with Kashmiri crafts and the dilapidated perfection of the old city beckon to be explored. It seems far more plausible that this is a city of magic.

One response to “Srinagar”

  1. avatar Diana Goodman says:

    Dear Travellers,
    I have been there in Srinagar, and lived on a houseboat on Nagin Lake for some time. The absolut marvellos experience. Your film about Srinagar is beautiful. Kaschmir is really a paradise on Earth. Srinagar and the lake is a magical place. Mohamed Wangnoo, my houseboat owner was a friendly and caring host. This is another life that one who seeks beautiful nature, honest people, love and natural hospitality and friendliness must have experienced. The life on a houseboat was a home that you can’t forget for a lifetime.
    I can hardly express what I feel about it. Go there, dear reader, and experience it yourself.

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