Srinagar, Kashmir

Every city with canals is compared to Venice, but Srinagar with its many lakes and narrow waterways definitely merits the comparison. It’s a water city.

In this video, we’ve tried to capture the serenity of the city’s waterscape and Mughal gardens as well as the frenzy of the old town. Get a glimpse of Srinagar’s famous wooden mosques, its markets and, of course, its handicrafts. Watch Kashmiri carpets being made, and take a peek at the beautifully painted papier mâché, items so typical of the region.

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  1. avatar Kashmir says:

    [..YouTube..] Amazing video!!! The way it has been filmed and compiled shows your talent in producing quality videos.

    Time stamp 3:47 THUMBS-UP

    Hope you enjoyed the stay!!!

  2. avatar Muslimah1987 says:

    [..YouTube..] Ahhh absolutely beautiful video…I love the genuinity of it..too many disgustingly biased “kashmir” videos on here. This one was a pure breath of fresh air.

    Great work and glad you enjoyed your stay =P

  3. avatar sheikhjavaid says:

    [..YouTube..] It is really a very beautiful video regarding my native place i had never seen a video like this on youtube

  4. avatar abovestars2 says:

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful!Awsome

  5. avatar Mozpam says:

    [..YouTube..] Love this video! It brought back memories for my husband and me of our visit back in 1968, when we spent three days here as part of an overland trip from England to India.

    The houseboat that we stayed on was called Mount View. I wonder if it was the same one that you were in?

  6. [..YouTube..] It definitely wasn’t the same boat as houseboats only last about 20 years and then have to be completely rebuilt.

    It may have been the previous version of the Mount View (which was also called Mount View). Was it on Naggin Lake?

  7. avatar Mozpam says:

    [..YouTube..] No, it was definitely on Lake Dal, right opposite a building claiming to be “Subhana, the worst department store in the World”!

  8. [..YouTube..] It may have been the Mount View. Apparently they only recently moved from Dal Lake to Naggin Lake.

  9. avatar imacandoman says:

    [..YouTube..] do the people there prefer india or pakistan?

  10. [..YouTube..] It depends on who you talk to. I think the feelings are very mixed. Some people want to be independent neither belonging to Pakistan nor India.

  11. avatar imacandoman says:

    [..YouTube..] so roughly there are eqaul numbers of pro-pak and pro-indian?

  12. [..YouTube..] Can’t really say, we only talked to a handful of people about politics – it’s a sensitive issue.

  13. avatar imacandoman says:

    [..YouTube..] how are the women there, shy or approachable? are they pretty?

  14. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] the problem in kashmir has to do with islam. Muhammad the founder of islam was evil person. He was involved in raping, looting, lying, murder, child abuse and lies. What kind of god will send this man as a messenger or guidance to humankind? I am open to your views too and may be I am wrong. So please do reply and we will learn islam.

  15. [..YouTube..] wow…where did u get all those info from?….well, there is nothing to eply since u already have you own ideas of what Islam is. So be it. I’m a Muslim, but I am not going to explain.I know, its going to be very difficult…because my views of Prophet Muhammad and Islam is very different fom yours. But i respect that brother : )…Peace man…

  16. [..YouTube..] Hey bro, I’m gonna visit Sinagar this winter….cant wait!…..and you video makes me dool!!! Lol!!!.The place is Beautiful!!!..n Cool video!!!….

    Salaam brother

  17. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] Salaam Brother,
    All info is on FFI website. If you refute FFI charges against islam in your own words then I will give you another 50K. However, you have to read FFI postion (which is also mine). We have used quran and hadith to prove muhammad was evil person. If I am wrong then prove us wrong on FFI forum. This way I and others can learn islam. May be you know something extraordinary about islam and please enligten us. The website is
    w w w f a i t h f r e e d om o r g
    Welcome 🙂

  18. [..YouTube..] Salaam bother,

    I am not in a position to do that. If u have found much info from the Quran and the hadith about Prophet Muhammad, then what u have found is your share. And what me(n other Muslims)have found, is our share. U want us to prove u wong so that u and others can leran Islam? But u mentioned that u already learned a lot from Quran n Hadith, and have found that Prophet Muhammad is an evil person? what else is there to learn. U have found what YOU wanted : )..n i have found mine. Peace

  19. [..YouTube..] oh yeah bro….thanks fo the info. And Yes, ofcourse I know lots of extraordinary things about Islam….but Islam Haters wont buy that : )…so no point for me babbling LOL!…i can only say that Islam is Peace,and that is extraordinary. Those terrorist are against the teaching of true Islam.

    and bro….Kashmir…its so nice…but i havent been there…One day bro…one day… : ) Peace man! Salaam!

  20. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] Salaam Bro,
    It will be excellent if you tell us why do you still want to cling to islam. Islam is a cult. Majority of Muslims who follow islam are willing to do immoral acts for islam. This is not at all secret and you know this too. The question you should ask is: why would allah send a criminal to guide mankind? How do you know muhammad was not lying? Allah has given humans brain to analyze. What would be your answer if allah ask you the same questions? Muhammad was involve in horrible —

  21. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] cont–
    Horrible acts. He was involve in rape, torture, murder, robbery, lies and child sex. So is this man was send by god? Look at islamic countries today. How come none are productive or inventing novel science. Leave islam and join humanity. Allah is not mentally sick god to punish anyone.
    Allah knows everything, and then creates all creature and then going to punish unbelievers for not following islam. Isn’t allah designed unbelievers? Such type of question u should ask. Welcome to FFI

  22. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] There is reason I hate islam. Islam is a cult ideology and it has blinded more than billions of people. Islam is like alcohol or drugs. People who abuse these substance rarely think negative about it. Most people under influence do horrible acts. Similarly, under influence of islam, muslims do horrible acts against nonbelievers. This is why I hate and I am investing my leisure time to wake you up. Terrorist are following examples done by muhammad and we have proved it on FFI site.

  23. [..YouTube..] I respect your principles bro. N as u said, there are billions of Muslims….and only a handful of Islam haters. The more we defend, the more u hate….the more u hate, the more people going into Islam. Because they can see who the true terrorist are : )

    All the best with your mission bro. Have a good weekend, and dont stress yourself out ok?…Send my warmest regards to your friends and family.

    from a Muslim brother : )

  24. [..YouTube..] Find this names bro: Ibn Sina or Avicenna and Al Khawarizmi

    See what these Muslims have done for the world.

    Take care bro. Wishing u and your family best of health,and purest of heart.


  25. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] Out of billions of muslims you are naming two persians who has ancestory to zoorastrians/parsie. There is no evidence that both scholars were on stage due to islam. Muslims have bad tendency to name any muslim achievement as islamic one. It is dishonesty act. Now I still have to read both scholars papers and I will comment it later on. I went to wiki right now and I can see lots of science work credited towards them. I do have my own doubts but let me check the credibility.

  26. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] cont
    muslims do not know much about muhammad. They all heard false propoganda from their mosque mentors and other cult members. Any critical voice use to be silenced by muslims. Now at this age of internet all rules has changed. Now critics like me can reach out to thousands of muslims. Once muslims know their deeds of prophet, many will be ashamed of muhammad. It will not happen overnight. The seed of truth will sprout in couple decades. No one wants to live in their lives in lies. :))

  27. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] no problem brother. I disagree with handful of haters. People all over the world are waking up to islam. We call spade a spade. We do not sugar coat evil like politicians. There is nothing wrong in hating a cult ideology. Hopefully one day you will leave that evil cult and join humanity. It will golden day. There will be no THEM vs US. Half of the world misery will be solve when islam is trashed. It will happen within 50 yrs. Muslims do not know much about —-cont

  28. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] psyche: I cannot directly reply you here for unknown reason. So I am posting it here without clicking on “reply”.
    Out of billions of muslims you are naming two persians who has ancestory to zoorastrians/parsie. There is no evidence that both scholars were on stage due to islam. Muslims have bad tendency to name any muslim achievement as islamic one. It is dishonesty act.

  29. [..YouTube..] whatever it is, they are Muslims bro : )

    ok ok…who sounds more like belonging to a cult here…haha…kidding bro. I

    Thanks for the advice bro, i really appreciate it….seriously. Everyone has the freedom to practice what they believe in…and in your case, i respect u, cos u practice what u preach : )

    ok, i end my discussion with: There is No god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.

    hope u respect what i believe too bro….Peace : ) and have a good weekend

  30. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] I agree that everyone has freedom to practice their beliefs. However, islam takes away other freedom. Just check out islamic countries and where muslims community is in majority. All muslims want is to force their beliefs on others. This is not right. I hope you will stand up for other beliefs in your community and mosque. I hope one day you will question muhammad acts and leave islam.

  31. avatar nyartmaker says:

    [..YouTube..] I slam Islam.

    Get it

    i slam = islam

  32. avatar JF2Peretti says:

    [..YouTube..] Absolument rien n’a changé depuis 1988! La même sérénité apparente, le temps n’a pas de prise. Les Shikaras nous bercent voluptueusement au rithme de leurs pagaies. Leh-Srinagar, Cachemire et Ladack quels beaux souvenirs… Thank’s to you!

  33. avatar aa2398a says:

    [..YouTube..] ????


  34. avatar aa2398a says:

    [..YouTube..] What about Turkey? Malaysia? UAE? Bahrain? Lebanon? Tunisia? Egypt…i could keep going on and on….

    these are all moderate countries.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh are moderate Islamic countries by nature….though Pakistan is having problems with the extremists –who make their own rules….They arent real Muslims, because they kill civilians

    blame the misguided…not the Religion itself.
    Islam is religion of peace

  35. avatar aa2398a says:

    [..YouTube..] of course you being an indian, you would say something silly like that

  36. avatar iteawonguy says:

    [..YouTube..] Got messimerised by it. Simply fantastic.

  37. [..YouTube..] we cling to Islam you want to know why????ok!because we people read quran and understand it we ppl follow sunnah and hadith ,more we read the quran more and we cling to islam because Islam is the religion of peace and we are proud that we are muslims ,now u knw y did u leave islam ?Simple coz u read the anti islamic websites not the book from Allah(quran) .True Allah has given brain to analyze that z y we read quran, analyse and use our brains,but ppl lik u dnt use the brain nd fall into d trap

  38. [..YouTube..] But u are living!!!shame on you ,you did not read quran instd u read some website that z only intrsted in seprdng lies abt islam but stil u r saying “no one wants to live in thier lives in lies”I wish u cd.make urslf understand ur own vwpoint.We are proud of our prophet(pbuh) he is a blessing for the whole mankind!!!!!We are not ashamed nor wil be coz Islam is a religion of peace,ther z no god but ALLAH and Prophet Mohammad z the messenger of the only creator of this universe (ALLAH).

  39. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] All you did here are statement. What critic like me on FFI are asking is an objective proof of islam. I have read quran and hadith and been in mosque brainwashing sessions. My personal opionion is that quran is boring book. I guess you read quran. So why are you waiting to spread good about islam. Show critic like me on FFI forum, why islam is a good ideology. Also try to refute FFI challenge in your own words on FFI forum.
    W W W F A I T H F R E E D O M O R G
    kuda hafiz

  40. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] read my reply to you above. Welcome to critical site like FFI. Hopefully you will learn something

  41. [..YouTube..] Have you read Quran ????I also read quran and my concept of Islam and our prophet (pbuh) is completely diffrent,It z strange that we both read the same book but our concpts are compltely diffrnt.Keep your personal opinions to urself and dnt spread lies about Prophet(PBUH) and quran .Give us the proof that Prophet (pbuh) God forbid wz involved in evil acts and Quran is not the book from Allah nd y z islam not a gud idelogy .If you are true in your claim give me the proof .

  42. [..YouTube..] The problem of kashmir is a plotical one and not a religous!!!Do you have any proof that Prophet(PBUH) was involved in looting,Whom did he loot??he was a liar ,when did he lie?Murder!whom did he murder??Child abuse ?You must be having the proof of all dis ?Am i right ?Then please show us that proof if any and then i will surely take ur challngs in FFL

  43. [..YouTube..] I think u are too confused with ur ideology.You are an athiest but still you are saying Khudahafiz and do u know its meaning “God is your Protector”What are u doing ???think ,think you are really confused.

  44. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] Majority of Muslims are the laziest people on the face of this earth. This includes enlighten1ful person. All this guy has to do is to check my profile or my previous post for weblink. Let me spoon feed you here on the website
    w w w f a i t h f r e e d o m o r g
    Go the above website and click on “challenge”. There you will see all the proof. Now I want you to refute the challenge in your own words on FFI forum.
    kuda hafiz

  45. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] muslim,
    check my reply to you below. I already gave you a website where critic like me tried hard to put everything in order. We have used islamic sources to show how evil was muhammad. I also wrote more than couple times of FFI website. All proof is there and I want you to take a look at it. Show us where critic like me are wrong on FFI forum.

  46. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] no sir,
    I am not confused but you are. Greeting a person by their own custom means politiness. In ISLAMIC society such type of moral values may be alien. I do not want to exclude you but want to stay with me. Now be a good guy and start showing FFI – where we are wrong. People like me already have shown evilness of muhammad using islamic sources. All you have to do is read the sources and then comment on it. Here you just huffing and puffing in front of me. This is not going to work out.

  47. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] cont
    Islam is a political ideology. So even though you like to hide behind political game it is not going to work out. Lets focus on islam here and the founder muhammad. I have written all over here about FFI website and proof we have on the website. All you have to do is read FFI challenge and post your refutation. Stop being lazy and start thinking outside the box

  48. [..YouTube..] This video is about the beauty of Kashmir, its people, culture and architecture.

    This is not a forum for discussing religion.

    Please leave a comment only if it relates to the video. Do you like the video or not? Why or why not?

    Your religious views are irrelevant.

  49. [..YouTube..] you must be really ignorant to say this .you know how muslims wish each other and everyone(Asalamuialaikum ) do u knw wt dz it mean MAY GOD BLESS YOU,Now u be a good guy and stop spreading lies.I will surely go to ur website but there r many important things that i have to do than to waste time with ur lies.and one more question can i find answers to my questions that i posed to you about prophet(PBUH)???

  50. [..YouTube..] Yes I do understand but y do these people provoke others to do this even when I said that kashmir issue is a ploitical one and not a religous one.

  51. [..YouTube..] Srinagar , The Beautiful

  52. [..YouTube..] The best vidio with best music. thanks for sharing

  53. avatar hassanjavid says:

    [..YouTube..] @good1976
    Dear,please let me know the faith you belong to,before i will go to ur web site.Because, there are a lot of street scholors nowadays knowing too much about other religion than their own ones.

  54. avatar good1976 says:

    [..YouTube..] salaam hassan brother,
    The author of this video do NOT want any religion issued to be discussed. goodluck

  55. avatar FaPeNo says:

    [..YouTube..] i’ve been there last year, and had a 4 days trek to Vishnusaar Lake (not sure it’s vritten like this)… amazing place and beautiful city, i had no security problem douring my stay, and it’s a shame the mess and the violence somtimes appening over ther..

  56. avatar cric45master says:

    [..YouTube..] i liked the video.Infact while watching it, i though it would be breathtaking riding in these likes during sunrise and sunset Heaven indeed!

  57. avatar N9155E says:

    [..YouTube..] We’re all mountain people bro!

  58. avatar aa2398a says:

    [..YouTube..] God bless Kashmiri peoples

    we are with you……..

    Love, Pakistan

  59. avatar xraycortina says:

    [..YouTube..] Kashmir is definitely on my ‘next time’ list for India.

  60. avatar LaliSJamwal says:

    [..YouTube..] A politically loaded video (though quite subtle). India a great power of 1.2 billion is a great secular democracy and Srinager is jewel in her crown. Thus Indians are aware of the motivations of foreigners and their Indian plants.

  61. [..YouTube..] i don’t this kashmir should have a choice , i think pakistan and india should form allies with kashmir and themslves

  62. avatar shakplus219 says:

    [..YouTube..] nice beauty……..

  63. avatar netwala says:

    [..YouTube..] India : the paradise for Islam on earth !!!

  64. avatar sashah1963 says:

    [..YouTube..] my beautifull sorry everybodys kashmir acualy this whole world is very beautifull and belongs to every body ,i remember a great story of a sufi saint who was a king living in his casstle when one day a very ordinary person came and ask his gaurds for a night stay there ,they refuse saying as this is not a inn(hotel),then he quistioned the king that who was living here before you king replied my father then he ask before him king replied my grandfather then the man said that is why i call inn.

  65. avatar 615bilal says:

    [..YouTube..] my kashmir!! my motherland…. v r one irrespect of class, creed & religion.. religion is personal for all of us……… no 1 can deny the xtreme beauty of my kashmir…. It’s, for me, a heaven on earth in true sense.. love kashmir. Independent Kashmir. bAgHi 0333-5764615

  66. avatar sahibayaalam says:

    [..YouTube..] WoW

  67. [..YouTube..] Really, it is so nice presentation.

  68. avatar gharibhanif says:

    [..YouTube..] Very nice video of Kashmir.

  69. avatar haanelove says:

    [..YouTube..] This video is beautiful. Great job capturing moments. WOW.

  70. [..YouTube..] @haanelove Thanks Patty! Kashmir is one of my favorite places and, therefore, this is one of my favorite videos.

  71. avatar thrillamf says:

    [..YouTube..] You had guts going there!

  72. avatar axvall says:

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful,very realistic.

  73. avatar urooj801 says:

    [..YouTube..] i just love srinagar

  74. avatar lhseng says:

    [..YouTube..] Can someone recommend me a budget Hotel in Sri Nagar ? Is 4 days enough ?

  75. avatar wanihabib says:

    [..YouTube..] i was absolutely stunning to watch this video …….habib usa

  76. [..YouTube..] wonderful video i love it

  77. avatar sumobabe says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you for this amazing video. It’s beautiful! So is Kashmir and Srinagar. Just returned from Kashmir a few days ago…cant wait to go back.
    Greetings from Denmark.

  78. avatar philipmah says:

    [..YouTube..] Many years ago I spent three days on a houseboat in Kashmir – the most beautiful place I have ever been. Thank you for bringing back those memories.

  79. avatar marchewangun says:

    [..YouTube..] its a beautiful video,but there is so much more in kashmir to be seen and experienced.Hope one day peace and tranquility will return to this place,

  80. avatar klopstocker says:

    [..YouTube..] Estupendo. No me canso de verlo y recomendarlo. Increíble lugar. La edición, la música y el ritmo del video son perfectos porque coinciden con el carecter de Srinagar. Admirable. Que buen gusto tinen quienes lo hicieron y lo colgaron. Congratulaciones desde Colombia.

  81. [..YouTube..] MASHALLAH .. ! from pakistan

  82. avatar krysant50 says:

    [..YouTube..] i fell in love with the SCENT of an old world there,,
    i recalled BUCHARA and Samarkanda chaihan 1970 or 1971- an open air tearoom, low table all men and just me curious what they would ask,, they asked where poland was,,

    thank god we shared the same language of the invaders in their and my land. we shared green tea (1st one in my life) jar, a sugar head (in Central Asia you chop off bits of hard sugar). it took hours to say good bye,,thank you for YOUR story here, CONTEMPORARYNOMAD!

  83. avatar hani6000009 says:

    [..YouTube..] Srinagar is just like Muzaffarabad(AJK)…….I love it

  84. avatar vicyeh1 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thankyou, shukria! I spent 3 months in Kasmir, and this has brought it all back to me, Kashmir is my fav place in the world, have been there twice and would love to go back to visit my friends, at least I don’t feel so homesick now I have this video to watch! Excellent composition 🙂

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