Spiti Valley

By Tony – Himachal Pradesh, India 2008

A surreal landscape of desert browns and reds highlighted with mineral purples and blues, Spiti defines the beauty of the trans-Himalaya. White-washed villages and monasteries filled with maroon-clad monks sprout out of the jagged, prehistoric cliffs. Women dressed in brightly colored shawls dance to tribal drum beats as monks don the masks of the gods. An unpolished jewel lost in time, Spiti is the Himalayan kingdom adventure-lovers crave but seldom find.

2 responses to “Spiti Valley”

  1. avatar Himadri says:

    beautiful pictures of a less travel place. going there tomorrow for 11 days.

  2. avatar sohail says:

    Find more tips on how to reach from Delhi to Spiti Valley

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