South and Central Vietnam

A few weeks into our trip, we’ve enticed you with photo after photo of life in Vietnam. But still images of a country as lively as this only make up half the story. To get the full (motion) picture, follow us as we travel from vibrant Ho Chi Minh City through the fun beachside town of Nha Trang to trendy and traditional Hoi An and, finally, to monumental Hue.

For those of you who don’t recognize the voice during the footage of the War Remnants Museum, it is an original recording of Hanoi Hannah (Trinh Thi Ngo), a famous northern Vietnamese radio announcer who used to direct propaganda broadcasts at U.S. troops during the American War.

2 responses to “South and Central Vietnam”

  1. Sweet travelogue!

    Now. Did anyone find out whether there’s any advantage to building your boat round, like a coracle, over one with a pointed bow and stern as we are accustomed to?

    • avatar Tony says:

      Almost all the coracles we have seen from Tibet to India to Southeast Asia have been round or oval. I think round is the most natural shape for many reasons. First of all, coracle frames are woven like large baskets and it is just easier to weave (bamboo, wood, rattan) into something round. Secondly, the frame needs to be strong and a circular shape tends to stand up to waves or rapids better than other shapes. Having said that, for the first time, we just recently saw a squarish coracle in Halong Bay. So variations do exist.

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