Singapore’s Fabulous Food

Pig Organ Soup in Singapore

Are you in the Halloween mood for pancreatic tissue, liver cells and stomach lining in a hearty broth? If the answer is yes, you will feel right at home in Singapore where locals seem to dig exotic pig organ soup. But not to worry. Even culinary wimps who don’t want to venture too far into unknown kitchen territory can skip the tricks and find a treat that can soothe their Western palates.

From Asian-style barbequed chicken wings and fiery sambal stingrays to Indian masala dosas and German sauerkraut and sausages, there’s nothing you cannot find in Singapore. Food is everywhere. While some dishes here are similar to those we found in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, others are distinctly different. It is obvious that Singapore’s chefs are quite experimental, many using unusual ingredients and spices to create fantastic fusion cuisine.

Savory pumpkin cakes with black-eye pea and sticky rice is one of the unique local dishes we came across on our first day in the city. Topped with sweet soy sauce and chili, the delicious combination of seemingly unrelated items has quickly become Tony’s preferred lunch time special at the Bugis mall food court. Yum! (Now we know what to do with all those old Jack-O-Lanterns.)

Katong Laksa, Singapore

Another one of our favorite dishes here is katong laksa. The rich and creamy coconut-based soup is served with rice vermicelli, prawns, fishcake and lots of chili paste. We tasted several takes on this delicious soup, some with chicken, others with mussels (my favorite). I’m afraid this delicious dish gives Penang’s famous assam laksa a serious run for its money.

Other Singapore specials include fish head curry, satay, frog leg porridge, oyster omelettes, Hokkien mee, and chili crab … the list could go on and on. But rather than just rambling about my own personal favorites (and there are many), I’m including a link to CNN’s “40 Singapore foods we can’t live without.” It’s a great collection of food items and a description of where to find them. What didn’t make it onto the list was the pig organ soup – a dish the author can obviously live without.

Singapore Food Hawker Stalls

By the way, you don’t actually have to dine in expensive restaurants to sample any of the dishes mentioned. In fact, the cheapest katong laksa we had in a food court was actually the most delicious. Every mall in town has a food court offering excellent dishes at cheap-for-Singapore prices. The food court at the Marina Square mall even offers an additional bonus – a sweeping view over the bay and the Marina Bay Sands. As far as hawker centers go, try the one at the waterfront north of the outdoor concert stage at the Esplanade. It’s an excellent place to watch the sunset while having a feast.

5 responses to “Singapore’s Fabulous Food”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the great food in Singapore! Some of the best I had was along “Food Alley” from street vendors in Singapore’s Chinatown. I never cease to be surprised at the things they will put in a dish, or that I will actually eat it!

  2. avatar Greeneyes says:

    The katong laksa you mentioned is known as Curry Mee in Penang.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve had a curry mee in Malasyia, but the katong laksa in Singapore was so much better!

  3. avatar iceprinxess says:

    If you are talking about offal, it’s not limited to pig organs, there’s those of cows too. But those are acquired tastes. Frogs legs actually taste like chicken (if you keep your eyes closed).

  4. avatar Fabiane Braga says:

    I read the blog when i see the blog i remember my previous days in Singapore.I like the Singapore spicy food thanks for sharing

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