Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

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  1. avatar Peter Stap says:

    I visited this wonderful Pagoda in 1948 and I have never forgotten the calm beauty of my journey into almost another world. I am now 84 and have had many experiences in my little life, but perhaps the one that remains at the head is that glorious shrine to Buddha.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    I think when I’m 84, I will have exactly the same memory. The Shwe Dagon is by far one of the most beautiful and memorable places we’ve ever visited. There’s something about the place which is pure magic. I can only imagine how amazing it would have been in 1948. You clearly had some amazing adventures. We always say it would be great to collect all the memories and photographs from older travelers because they have seen so much which has vanished or been massively transformed. Sometimes, people have pictures in their attic of tribes that are gone, temples that have been destroyed, or city scenes which nobody else recorded.

  3. avatar Peter Stap says:

    I’m afraid I wasn’t much of a photographer in 1948, and we were somewhat busy trying to help Malaya accede to independence, so what I remember is stored in my memory. Everything I have seen and done is in my memory and I can call it to mind at any time.
    I thought everyone could do the same, but I’m told that’s not the case. I’m on page 300 of my memoirs and as I’m only in 1981, I’d better get writing.
    The Planet is well worth visiting. I possess in a 10-room ruin, but though I live most of the time in only two of the rooms, I do go into the others. Travel if you can; it can change many things in your life.

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