Rugged Travel

Rugged Travel

Boy, taking a bus or jeepney in the Philippines can be quite an adventure. On more than one occasion, we have found ourselves stuffed onto the roofs along with grandmas, rice bags, chickens, firewood and iron rods holding on for dear life while maneuvering the scary roads of northern Luzon. Luckily, seat belt laws are only enforced for the drivers.

This really takes me back 16 years to when Tony and I made our way from Germany to South Africa overland. Transportation then was also challenging, and a regular bus ride was the exception. I vividly remember riding on a gasoline truck during a lightning storm in Uganda, escaping from police arrest (bogus charges) on an aid truck in Ethiopia, or riding through northern Kenya on an old truck dangling from a couple of narrow iron bars above 100 goats.

Since then, we have mostly managed to get proper transportation and even seats. I’m curious to see what transportation is like in the south of the Philippines. But first we have to get there.

Bus Travel in the Philippines

2 responses to “Rugged Travel”

  1. avatar Freda says:

    I recall a similar bus ride in Thailand 19 years ago with Tony. Seating was found for me inside the bus, but Tony was left hanging on the outside back of the bus.
    I threatened to take the drivers life if he drove dangerously with my son hanging on the back.
    As if turned out a similar ride once again occurred in Bali of all places many years ago but this time with Ken, my husband.
    As before, I made the same threat.

  2. avatar Max says:

    Nice post, As i saw the pic. i remembered my village.same condition here at my village in India.

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