Restoran Kapitan

As Tony previously mentioned, one of our greatest discoveries in Georgetown was Restoran Kapitan. Whenever we are not busy sampling Chinese specialties with Ken’s family or exploring Malay street fare, we head straight for the best Indian food in town. After having spent fifteen months in India, we can comfortably call ourselves experts on Indian cuisine. Kapitan’s food is, hands down, some of the most authentic Indian food that we have had outside of India.

And, clearly, we are not the only people who appreciate their food. The 24-hour restaurant in Little India seems to be buzzing with locals at all times. In fact, that’s what drew us there in the first place. Well, that and the cheap prices.

For only 7 ringgit ($2.30), they offer a killer quarter tandoori chicken with freshly baked naan and a selection of mild and spicy chutneys. Chicken biryani goes for about the same. Even cheaper are the vegetable curry dishes like aloo gobi masala (potato and cauliflower) or aloo capsicum masala (potato and green bell pepper).

From about 7-11 AM, Kapitan offers one of our favorite breakfast foods: masala dosas, or tosais as they are called in Malaysia. The pancake made of lentil flower is stuffed with a mixture of cabbage and potatoes and is served with a creamy coconut chutney. For under a dollar, it makes for a cheap but delicious breakfast.

It’s just so great, we keep coming back for more. After several weeks in Georgetown, Kapitan’s smiling waiters even welcome us with a handshake. Now, that’s service. Honestly, I don’t want to leave here any time soon. Where am I going to get my Indian food fix?

Travel Tip:

Restoran Kapitan is located on the corner of Chulia and King Street. Although the restaurant is open 24 hours, certain food items are only served at certain times (tosais in the morning, warm badam milk, with almonds and cardamom, in the late afternoon and evening). This is also one of the safer places to try nasi kandar. They also have very refreshing mint maans, the local version of a lemonana.

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