Quan An Ngon – The Mother Lode

Like miners prospecting for that legendary vein of gold, Thomas and I have been scouring Vietnam for culinary treasures. When we finally set foot into Quan An Ngon, I screamed, “Eureka!” – well, at least mentally.

Fodor’s states that Quan An Ngon “just might be the best restaurant in Vietnam.” But don’t expect super-chic poseur portions with vertical stacks, flash-dried mousse, or chemo-cuisine. Nope, this restaurant is all about real, well-made, traditional Vietnamese food. And don’t mistake this for some sad tourist enclave; most of the people standing in line to get into this very popular place are Vietnamese.

The menu reads like a culinary tour of Vietnam, a collection of the best of the best from all regions. Almost everything we have mentioned on our blog can be found in this one restaurant as well as dozens of additional mouth-watering dishes.

We dined at Quan An Ngon twice and personally sampled a range of their amazing dishes. New dishes included: cassava noodles with eel (mien xao luon), grilled pork ribs with lemon grass and chili (suon nuong xa ot), pounded shrimp hash fried on sugar cane served with vermicelli and spongy rice paper (banh hoi chao tom cuon banh trang) and sweet tapioca soup with mung beans (che hoa cau). We also tried several classics including: banh xeo, banh cuon, deep-fried frog legs, green papaya salad with dried beef, and their delicious version of che.

And, yes, everything was good.

All you serious travel-foodies looking to explore Vietnamese cuisine, Quan An Ngon is the culinary Mother Lode!!! So get on the Internet and book your flights to Hanoi. And to all Americans out there, this restaurant might even be worth the TSA’s new and improved pat-downs.


18 Phan Bội Châu just off Tran Hung Dao
Hanoi, Vietnam
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3 responses to “Quan An Ngon – The Mother Lode”

  1. avatar nina says:

    I didn’t know they had a branch in Hanoi! My mouth still water whenever I remember the goodies I’ve eaten at Ngon…

  2. Just a tip: the address for the Ho Chi Minh City Quan An Ngon changed over a year ago: it is now at 160 Pasteur and in HCMC the name has also changed: it is now called “Nha Hang Ngon”.
    It’s important to people like me who are searching for new places to eat here that we get addresses correct.
    The pounded shrimp hash is called “Chao Tom” and it’s my favorite thing to chew on the sugar cane after making a wrap of the shrimp and herbs.
    I agree with everything you said: great food!

    • avatar Tony says:

      Hi Steve, Thanks for the address update. Actually, we will leave your info in the form of the comment and we deleted the address above simply because we could not really determine if the ownership of the restaurant had changed (or the food). If you happen to know whether the restaurant offers a similar menu after the name change, please let us know.

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