Prague’s Dancing House by Gehry

Every time I come to Prague, I have to walk by Gehry’s Dancing House, a once controversial and now essential addition to the city’s architectural scene. Designed along with Vlado Milunić, the two halves of this unique building literally seem to dance along the banks of the Vltava, which is why the building is also known as Fred and Ginger.

As I mentioned when we visited the Disney Theater in Los Angeles, I’m a huge Gehry fan. I hope to visit all of his masterpieces one day. In the meantime, once again, fans can check out an amazing gallery of his creations at the Flicker group dedicated to his architecture.

2 responses to “Prague’s Dancing House by Gehry”

  1. avatar GinaDebuque says:

    The Flicker group is fantastic. You guys have some great recommendations. I can’t wait to see his new skyscraper in New York.

    • avatar Tony says:

      You must be reading our site right now because I just approved your first comment and suddenly there was a second one. I know, that skyscraper looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it for myself.

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