And, with one small step off a plane, returns to Europe. It’s a bitter-sweet return. Bitter because jungle-clad temples, isolated Himalayan monasteries, and bus-sized sharks seem so far away. Sweet because we’ve got a whole new set of adventures ahead of us here. And what better place to start than in one of my favorite cities on the planet, Prague.

Sure, many travelers put Prague on the short list of European tourist traps. And in many ways it is. But as is the case with Paris, Venice, or Dubrovnik, it draws in the hordes because it’s simply too good to pass up. Half of humanity is compressed into a river of people flowing through the old town because the old town is simply so stunning. Every trip I make to this city (and there have been a lot of them), I discover something new. Step off into a side street, and Prague’s artistic soul is still very much present.

2 responses to “Prague”

  1. avatar LE in France says:

    I love Prague! It’s my favorite city in Europe.

    • avatar Tony says:

      I know. I’m a real sucker for a good medieval center. The narrow lanes, buttressing stone arches, and Gothic gates give it that fantastic fairy tale vibe. But as you can see in this short post (and those yet to come), I do always feel the need to warn people that they won’t have Prague to themselves.

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