Post No. 500 – CN Blog Revisited

After celebrating my 40th birthday with an Italian feast, the celebration goes on commemorating our 500th blog posting! We’ve revisited the last 27 months and put together a list of the more memorable blog moments.

Traveling in Style?
An honest movie about first-class train travel in India where the comments are more telling than the video itself. It definitely makes for good reading.

Worth a Thousand Words
One of our favorite photos, taken in Zhaoxing, China. What a life she must have had…

A Different Kind of Ice Plant
A bizarre ice formation associated with certain plants. Researchers from across the globe are coming to our blog to check out our pictures. What’s your theory on it?

Attack in Mumbai
Caught in the middle of the Mumbai terrorist attack, we kept typing away hidden in our room just behind the Taj Hotel as the battles were fought all around us. Definitely one of our most memorable experiences. Mumbai Follow-Up now with additional photos.

Nubra Valley Through Bella’s Eyes
It’s great to sit back sometimes and let other people do the work. Read our first guest blog by 11-year old Bella from New Mexico. Great job, Bella!

Selective Photography
Those travel posters can be deceptive. Don’t believe everything you see as advertised.

Deprung Debates
Tibetan monks debating philosophy is everything but a quiet pursuit. And now, we’ve even added a video of this outrageous spectacle!

Dinner at the Cemetery
This was a new one for us! We just wanted a quick bite but unexpectedly found ourselves eating a masala dosa in a graveyard.

Chola Pass Misadventure
Our biggest wrong turn as of yet. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Ultimate Chicken Bus
If you thought chickens were bad, check this out!

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