Places of Interest on the Hop-on Hop-off Tours in Paris

Paris Eiffel Tower

Every tourist has the world’s most romantic city, Paris, on his bucket list. After all, there is so much art and history in the city. There are so many sights, popular destinations, and famous landmarks around the capital. And one of the best ways to explore and see the highlights of the city is to get on the hop-on hop-off Paris bus tours.

Paris hop-on hop-off tours are very popular with tourists, and what makes them even more enjoyable are the different language options available. Get ready for some memorable and educational fun as you discover your destination with an expert guide.

Here are some of the popular landmarks and places of interest that you get to see when you are on one of the hop-on hop-off tours in Paris:

The Eiffel Tower

The world-famous Eiffel Tower is a major stop on those bus tours. It is indeed one of the most recognized landmarks, not just in Paris but in the whole world. The wrought-iron tower is named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who built the tower.

The Paris Opera House

Another important stop on those hop-on hop-off tours is the Garnier Opera House which showcases the most important ballets and operas. You will definitely be impressed by not just the ballet and opera performances, but also by the intricate mirrors, mosaics, and chandeliers that adorn the Opera House.

The Olympia

Do not miss the chance to go see the famous concert venue, Olympia. Many famous stars and performers have graced the venue and showcased a wide variety of acts and performances. Olympia, indeed, boasts some of the finest performances and shows that visitors can see in Paris.

The Louvre Museum

Who wouldn’t want to see the world-famous Mona Lisa? You can certainly do that with a visit to the Louvre Museum, one of the most visited art galleries in the world. With a vast and unique collection of art, you will certainly love your visit.

Paris Louvre

The Grand Palais

Another historic building, the Grand Palais, glorifies both the history and art of Paris. Its architecture was inspired by the very famous Beaux-Arts movement. The impressive landmark is located on the banks of the Seine and boasts some impressive stone facades and glass vaults.

Trocadéro Gardens

Spanning well over 94,000 m², the Gardens of Trocadéro lie in the midst of Paris with the Eiffel Tower across the Seine on one side and the Chaillot Palace on the other. Lined with beautiful fountains and classical statues, the Gardens of Trocadéro also boast an aquarium and the National Theatre.

Champ de Mars

This stunning garden is also a major stop on the Paris hop-on hop-off tours. Spread well across 60 acres, the garden is popular among locals and tourists alike. You will find families having a picnic here in summer or enjoying the Bastille Day festivities.

The Rodin Museum

It is here in the Rodin Museum where you will find the great works of art by the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Visit the museum to admire his art pieces and enjoy looking at the sculptures in the gardens around the museum building. What adds to the experience is the small lake and casual restaurant behind the museum.

The Champs-Elysées

It is a must to explore the most famous shopping street of the city, the Champs-Elysées. This is an iconic promenade lined with high street shops. Here, you are likely to rub shoulders with the fashionistas of the city. It also happens to be the most expensive real estate in the world.

There are many more popular landmarks and sites that one can enjoy on the hop-on hop-off tours and discover the beauty of Paris.

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