Pir Dastgir Sahib in Srinagar, Kashmir

To the people of Kashmir, we at ContemporaryNomad.com are devastated by the loss of the Pir Dastgir Sahib shrine. We have dedicated a post in memory of the shrine which includes a short video as well as printable pictures of this jewel of Kashmiri culture. Our thoughts are with the wonderful people of Kashmir, a land of artists.

33 responses to “Pir Dastgir Sahib in Srinagar, Kashmir”

  1. avatar Lone Shabnam says:

    Now this is the lost glory of spiritual grandeur.

  2. avatar MUKHTAR says:


  3. avatar g. arunima says:

    how stunningly beautiful, and what a tragedy….thank you for posting this.

  4. avatar Ahmad Javaid says:

    my heart bleeds,my eyes weep nd my brain stops ……..we hv lost our history, culture ,architecture,and sign of ,sufism peace and brotherhood……thanx 4 uploading the above priceles photo

  5. avatar Abid Rashid says:

    cant forget :(.thank you so much for uploading this pic

  6. avatar Afra says:

    Auqaf Trust has failed to protect the religious sites and other endowments of Muslims…..

    Time has come to demand return of Waqf Board and all the billions worth assets from the state control rather from the National Conference Control….

  7. avatar Greeneyes says:

    What a special gift these photos are

  8. avatar Tony says:

    I was just looking at the 360 again. It was such a magical structure. I really loved this shrine. What a horrible loss.

  9. avatar Ghias M. KLhan says:

    It is so sad that this tragic incident took place, the damage done can in no way be retrieved

  10. avatar SHEIKH KOUSER AHMAD says:


  11. avatar asif shah says:

    this incidence has created a mental tension among our family members ab hum apnee faryad ley kar kahaa jayee gee yaa shahee bagdad wakhtee imdad

  12. avatar usman ahmed says:

    its realy disgusting to know the buring of a beautiful place sacred to kashmiries, by the indians. their atroicties are surpassing any nation in the world. human rights organization must take a notice less they pick up the gun again. give the peace a chance.

  13. avatar Abdul Hai says:

    Deeply condoled with the loss of such soul enriching place. I can still smell the itar and listen to the melodious chants of khatame sharif..

  14. avatar ayaz rasool nazki says:

    we are fast being turned in to cultural orphans and civilizational nobodys……

    • avatar Tony says:

      @ayaz rasool nazki

      I am very confident that Kashmiris will continue to build and expand upon their extraordinary culture. With stunning gardens, papier mache, beautiful music, perfect carpets, amazing food, intricate woodwork, etc., you are clearly a land of artists. Kashmiris will never be nobodies.

  15. avatar Fozia Qazi says:

    In the face of this tremendous loss your images of the shrine – especially the 360 view – are some solace. There are a few people here in Kashmir who have begun to mobilize an effort to rebuilt the shrine in a way that is true to its original form – inch for inch. Your detailed imagery will be an invaluable aid in that effort. Thank you.

    • avatar Tony says:

      @ Fozia Qazi

      I really hope Kashmiris do come together to rebuilt this wonderful piece of history. And I promise we will come to Kashmir to see it.

  16. avatar RAJA says:

    Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
    And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.., ,,,,,,,,,al quran “Whatever misfortune happens to you, it is because of the things your hands have wrought, and for many of them He grants forgiveness.

  17. avatar sham parshad kesar says:

    Big loss to the plural culture of J&K in general and Kashmir in particular

  18. It is a tragedy. A great monument is lost due to irresponsible
    acts of few. I once started a business and named my company
    Kahnoi Engineering Ltd.
    I frequently used to stop there and from outside pray and leave
    Eleven rupees in the box.
    One day after praying I reached Nowhatta and a fakir accosted
    me and demanded money and waved a piece of paper
    in my face. He said you will get cheque tomorrow.
    I gave him some money as I was expecting a cheque and I got
    It was a wonderful and comforting monument and I feel very
    Sad at the continual loss of legacy.
    We have fewer things to hand over to our kids than what we
    Inherited from our elders.
    Best regards

  19. avatar Shanu Shah says:

    It is really difficult for me to define in words, there is nothing to say but only i can say that we are loosing our cultural heritages…. this was the part of that.

  20. avatar gulrubina says:

    it is very difcult for me.ab sakoon panay kai liyai kahan jayain gai.,..

  21. avatar Tony says:

    I just read an article about Sufi shrines being targeted by fundamentalists in Mali. Several articles mention that Sufi shrines have been attacked in Egypt and Libya as well. Could this possibly be related? I hope the other Kashmiri shrines are not in danger.

  22. Usman Ahmed needs to be counselled. It is definitely not a handiwork of Indians as all Sufi Dargahs are dearer to them as well. As is already known, worldwide there is a sinister move to target all sufi shrines.

  23. avatar Mir Mehrajudin says:

    some devils are feeding in kashmir.they are playing the devils job here,but they should know that they’ll not succeess in their job.

  24. avatar Ashima Kaul says:

    Too depressing and sad to express the loss!!

  25. avatar Shuja says:

    Hi Tony

    Realy Amazed to see such a wonderful work done by You. may i get this 3D picture down loaded.

  26. avatar qaisar says:

    Now this is the lost glory o f this shrine it is requested to send the vidios or photographs of the this shrine

  27. avatar Iram says:

    m so moved by the kind of work you have done and esp this. Thank you so very much. you have preserved the images of this shrine most dear to us. we just could preserve the shrine. Thank u again

  28. avatar vishal says:

    Guys, believe me when I heard this news..I was at loss…though I had visited the place when I was a kid, it was my dad who used to say every now and then ” yah peere maine dastagira” ….be with me..

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