Petronas Towers

If you visit Kuala Lumpur, you have to make the architectural pilgrimage to the city’s world-famous Petronas Towers. At 451.9 m (1,483 ft), Malaysia’s beautiful twin towers reigned supreme from 1998-2004. But after Taipei 101 and now Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which dwarfs every building on the planet, these beauty queens have long lost their title.

Don’t feel too bad for them, they still remain the tallest twin towers and the dramatic Sky Bridge is the highest such structure in the world, so those who love superlatives should be satisfied. They’re so impressive that we thought they merited one of our 360 panoramic views.

Unlike other skyscrapers around the globe, the focus here is walking across the Sky Bridge rather than zooming up to the upper viewing deck. If you want to walk across the bridge, which is not truly fixed to the buildings but rather designed to allow movement (yikes), you need to get to the towers at latest 8 AM in the morning to line up for tickets. (7 AM would be a safer bet.) Be warned that your actual assigned time to visit the bridge might be much later in the day, so don’t plan on moving on too quickly.

Tickets to walk across the Sky Bridge, which are listed as free in many guidebooks, now cost 10 ringgit. In addition, you are tortured with a video on the importance of Petronas and the petrochemical industry, a major snooze-fest. Visitors who want to go to the viewing deck on the 82 floor (still not the top) pay 40 ringgit. A more expensive premium trip is also available including lunch.

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  1. Ever since their open, I’ve always been amazed by these buildings. Perhaps I’ll get to see them for myself one day!

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