Our Top YouTube Videos

1. Quest for the Perfect Beach
Our quest to find the perfect beach in Goa, India is now our top viewed movie. Thankfully. Finally, there’s a little love to go with all the hate we get for the next video.

2. First Class Travel on the Rajdhani Express
Our review of the Rajdhani Express is the video Indians love to hate. Because of the reaction to this video, we gave up our idea of doing a video review series of each class within the complicated Indian rail system. We also learned to shut our mouths and just play funky background music. 😉

3. Asiatic Lions of Sasan Gir
This was an especially up-close encounter with the rare Asiatic lions of Sasan Gir National Park in India. These are some of the rarest cats on the planet – and they walked right under our noses.

4. Srinagar, Kashmir
We got great reviews from many Kashmiris on our Srinagar video. Many wrote us personally to thank us for focusing on the incredible beauty of their unique culture rather than the ongoing tensions in Kashmir. Unfortunately, the comment section has become a bit of a religious battleground of its own. (This video also contains rare footage of the Pir Dastgir Sahib shrine, which was recently destroyed in a tragic fire.)

5. Snoring Pig
The fact that our snoring pig video rocketed past most of our travel videos feels like some kind of sad statement about humanity. To be fair, maybe people just really enjoy a good snoring pig video.

6. Diu Island, India
In one of our oldest videos, Thomas and I explore the island of Diu by motorbike. Judging by the fact that both Goa and Diu are in our top videos, I assume people have a thing for Portuguese colonies. (This was one of our first videos, so I certainly don’t think the popularity is due to our video editing skills at that point.)

7. Calcutta
Of all of our videos, this is my personal favorite. I think Thomas perfectly captured the chaos, color, and contradiction of Calcutta, the world’s ultimate people watching location.

8. Leh and the Ladakh Festival
The Ladakh festival in Leh is one of the ultimate photographic opportunities in the Himalayas. All the ethnic groups gather in their funky festival fashion and put on one heck of a show. As if that’s not enough, there are masked Chaam dances in the monasteries and polo matches.

9. Tasty Tarantulas
Who wouldn’t want to see Thomas, Beverly and me eating tarantulas? That’s just good, wholesome (and nourishing) entertainment. 😉

There’s More…

If that’s not enough video content for you, we have a ton of travel videos on our YouTube video channel ContemporaryNomad.

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  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Interesting that the Calcutta video is one of my very favorites as well.

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