Olof and Elin

Elin and Olof

We’ve joined forces with Swedish travelers Olof and Elin to explore the beautiful islands of the Bacuit Archipelago. Luckily, these two enjoy the same relaxed pace of island hopping as we do with time to photograph and explore below the surface as well as above. The four of us also appreciate a good fish feast on the beach. 🙂

Tony, Thomas, Olof, and Elin

Experienced divers, Olof and Elin are spending three months diving Malaysia and the Philippines hitting world class sites such as Sipadan, Apo Island, and the wrecks of Busuanga along the way. Besides this couple’s refreshingly relaxed travel vibe, what really caught our attention was the fact that Olof was doing his underwater photography with a digital SLR camera with underwater housing and an external flash.

Olof Underwater

So what, you might ask? You guys take underwater pictures too. What’s the big deal? We were schlepping around a housing for a G7 point and shoot. Underwater housings for digital SLRs are massive and very heavy. Add to that an external flash and you have a whopping 7 kilo (15.4 pound) camera set-up! That is a dedicated photographer – and his beautiful pictures justify the effort. This photo of a frog fish is one of his craziest pics!

After hearing about the tragic loss of our G7 in Puerto Galera and the limits of our temporary replacement camera, Olof and Elin were gracious enough to allow us to use some of their excellent photos in our article on the Wrecks of Busuanga. They also generously gifted us with a precious, personally written evaluation of all the sites they’ve dived along their way including reviews of the dive shops they’ve used! After our negative experience with Capt’n Gregg’s in Sabang, this was an especially valuable resource.

Thanks guys, you both are awesome!

If you can read Swedish, or you would like to see more of their pictures, check out their excellent blog nittiodagariparadiset.blogg.se, which translates as “90 Days in Paradise.”

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