Notre Dame Turns 850

Notre Dame just recently turned 850 years old and Paris is celebrating by giving the grande dame a few nips and tucks to help her maintain her youthful appearance. As any aging celebrity knows, a little work, some great lighting, and a set of new bells will keep the cameras pointed in your direction. They are also – and these are their words not mine – “renovating the great organ.” And while my metaphor just collapsed under the weight of that last sentence, beautiful Notre Dame should be standing strong well into the future.

One quick, less contrived note, we applaud the city of Paris for keeping entry to┬áNotre Dame (as well as most other churches in the city) free of charge in a time when many cities have cynically begun instituting entry frees. Let’s hope that lasts well into the future as well.

2 responses to “Notre Dame Turns 850”

  1. avatar Sam says:

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed that metaphor until its collapse.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    I also kind of liked the collapse itself. ­čÖé

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