Night Markets of Kowloon

Hong Kong is a huge shopping mall. Every corner you turn there is another, even fancier mall. Armani, Valentino, Rolex – you name it.  And some of the products are even real!

French Maid or School Girl?

For a smaller budget and less glitz and glamor, there is an alternative,  – the night markets of Kowloon.

Goldfish in a Bag

Whether you want to buy a French maid outfit or a gold fish in a bag, you can find what you’re looking for in the markets. Food lovers can also enjoy fried yam cakes, egg tarts, dumplings, street-side seafood, or tons of other exotic treats. We got our yam cakes from the woman below.

Yam Cakes and a Laugh

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  1. avatar lisanunn says:

    mmmmm…yam cakes.

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