Walls and churches, walls and churches – so sue me! Clearly, I’m not going to come all the way to Tuscany and skip Monteriggioni, an obvious destination for someone with a walled city fetish.

Because of bus connections, I arrived in the tiny town at 8:30 AM, hours before locals crawl out of bed. I literally had the entire place to myself – not a single human in sight – for at least an hour. Judging by the monumental parking lot just below the wall, I assume the situation is quite different during summer months. Luckily, the town cat kept me company until everybody woke up.

The tiny hamlet, a stop on the Via Francigena, is more like a large castle than a village; you (and the cat) can walk across the entire thing in one minute. But stay a little longer and hike out into the surrounding countryside for some pretty spectacular views.

Getting to Monteriggioni

There are buses from Siena to Monteriggioni leaving from Piazza Gramsci in the morning. Tickets and information on bus departure times are available at Piazza Gramsci’s underground ticket office. Although Monteriggioni is only 20 minutes from Siena, bus connections are quite limited, so make sure to check for the latest departure and return times in advance.

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