Lao Village Life – Reality Check

If you hope to go to the countryside for some quiet time, you might be in for a surprise. We passed by this traditional village between Luang Nam Tha and Muang Sing in Laos – and it definitely didn’t sound like our dream getaway! Watch this short clip about the acoustic reality of Lao village life.

3 responses to “Lao Village Life – Reality Check”

  1. The world’s best p.a. systems can be found in Asia, methinks.

    Why are comments turned off on the White Temple post?

  2. Moderator! Moderator! I demand to speak to the Moderator!

  3. avatar Thomas says:


    Don’t be so impatient. We hear you.

    There are two possible explanations why the comments were turned off:

    a. We were afraid of Laurelle’s opinion
    b. We accidentally unchecked the field “allow comments”

    Which one do you think it was?

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