Khao Sok National Park

After several days in the stunning Khao Sok National Park, we’ve put together a short video. Follow along as we hike trough Khao Sok’s jungle and explore the shores of Chiaw Lan Lake in search for hidden waterfalls and caves. While staying in a floating lodge on the lake was certainly a novelty, the actual focus of the trip was looking for gibbons. Although I didn’t see any and Tony only caught a glimpse of a gibbon’s butt in the distance, we could hear their wailing calls quite often. Eerie and totally awesome!

5 responses to “Khao Sok National Park”

  1. avatar Thailand says:

    That looks like a really awesome place to visit in Thailand. Nothing like being in the jungles in Thailand thats about as wild as it can get!

  2. avatar Don says:

    Lovely video and really good quality and you had an awesome time.

  3. avatar Robbert says:

    Hi, what an amazing video. Can u tell me the name of the resort or accomodation you stayed, I would like to stay there as wel in the lake houses for 3 days and two nights.

  4. avatar Tony says:

    Hey Robbert,

    We were not aware of any name on the floating lodge. We booked it through Nung House near the main entrance of the land portion of Khao Sok. Here is their link:

    You might be able to write to them and ask where they stay during their tours to the lake. The set up makes it difficult to arrange everything independently unless you have your own car. Even then, the docks are quite far from the floating resorts.

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