Kerala Backwaters

Most visitors to Kerala will, at some point, explore the many waterways leading from fishing villages on the coast to settlements far inland. The backwaters can be explored on simple canoes, public ferries, fancy houseboats or a combination of the above. We decided to step it up a notch and, for a day, luxuriate on a posh houseboat taking in the scenery while munching on pineapple and grapes.

Modeled like a traditional rice barge from the outside, the inside of our houseboat was top-notch with three polished wooden bedrooms, a large dining room, and an upstairs viewing area. Not too shabby.

Follow along as we take off from Alleppey and explore Kerala’s lakes and narrow canals with French couples Gaelle and Julien, and Camille and Benjamin. VoilĂ !

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