Kek Lok Si Illuminated

To celebrate the year of the rabbit, Penang’s massive Kek Lok Si, the largest Chinese temple in Malaysia, has been decked out with 12,000 red and yellow Chinese lanterns as well as over 250,000 decorative bulbs. In addition to the temple, the newly constructed super-pagoda built to house Kek Lok Si’s 30 meter (100 ft) Kuan Yin statue is also being lit up each night. The twinkling complex sitting high above historical Georgetown gives a whole new meaning to the term “Buddhist enlightenment.”

3 responses to “Kek Lok Si Illuminated”

  1. Oooh. I love the red lanterns, and Kuan Yin is gorgeous.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Isn’t that picture crazy, it really looks like it is computer generated or something. I didn’t alter the picture at all.

  2. avatar Joey Phi says:

    Beautiful pictures!Makes me wanna work on my skills haha

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