By Tony – Kathmandu 2007-2008

Once a hidden Himalayan fairytale, Kathmandu emerged from its self-imposed isolation to become the center of Nepal’s eco-tourism scene. Over the years, green fields and traditional Newari architecture have given way to the hustle and bustle that plague many of the world’s developing capitals. But those who rush through decrying the modern madness are making a terrible mistake. Scratch the surface and discover the traditions of a unique Hindu-Buddhist population, streets filled with exotic idols, fabulous market places, and palatial squares. There’s only one Kathmandu.

One response to “Kathmandu”

  1. avatar Rikke Kæhlershøj says:


    I’ve been told about your adventurous life from my friend Marianne, who knows you from a trip to US many years ago.

    I’m so impressed with your lifestyle and jealous like hell with your travel journal! I often visit your homepage and I travel a lot myself, but I’m just a simple tourist in comparison 🙂 I have also stayed to months in Kathmandu and worked as a volunteer teacher in a nearby village. I’m planning to go back in September 2011! The Nepali people is the far most friendly and welcoming people I’ve ever met! I like your description of Kathmandu. It’s the strangest and most interesting capital I’ve ever visited! As a visitor you might as well give in and love it. I think I’d say I had a love/hate thing with KTM. I loved to leave the city in the weekends, but I also loved coming back!

    Let me know if you’re going back! 🙂
    Bon voyage!

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