Kala Patthar 360 View

Kala Patthar View

A 360 Panorama to enjoy the incredible view from Kala Patthar! When the 360 opens, you’ll be looking at Nuptse with Everest peaking out to the left. As you pan around, you can see the Khumbu Glacier and the Khumbu Icefall off to the left. Continuing left, you’ll see Pumori rising up behind you. Enjoy your view of Everest – it’s just like being there yourself. View the 360 image.

5 responses to “Kala Patthar 360 View”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    Hi guys, I seem to be the only one commenting these days.

    Your 360 degree view is all pixelated! Love to see it if you are in a position to re-load it.

    What a THRILLING trek! I’m so proud of you both.

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    Hi there!

    I´m still here and following along – from Costa Rica currently. The whole journey you´ve been on is just so amazing I often can´t find a comment. Once again, the photo seems to capture such a unique moment in time – it´s almost surreal. I´m trying to imagine standing there and trying to take it all in.

  3. avatar laurelle says:

    Hi again. Thanks for re-loading the 360 photo. As I hold down the mouse, I imagine standing with you in that place, spinning around to take in the whole panorama. You’ve gotten some glacier experience, that’s for sure. When you come see us here in the North Cascades, you’ll be totally underwhelmed – “Seen one glacier, seen ’em all”.

  4. avatar la vida says:

    Hi guys, glad to see you are fine and go on with your adventures. Amazing panorama!
    What is better after all – Annapurna circuit or Everest trek? 🙂

  5. avatar Thomas says:


    great to hear from you. Moscow must be freezing… Which on is better, the Annapurna or the Everest trek? This is the ultimate question and I have to say, it depends.

    How much time do you have? Which mountains do you want to see while trekking? Do you want to experience the local culture? We were really glad we didn’t have to choose between the two.

    If we had to give advice to someone who didn’t really care to see Mt. Everest, we’d probably recommend the Annapurna Circuit because it has a tad more variety in terms of landscape and culture.

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