Italy’s 4 Most Fascinating Destinations


Whether it is the majesty of ancient Rome, the wonderful diversity of Sicily or the art and magnificence of Milan, Italy is a nation full of delights for travellers. As there are just too many places to explore in this historic country, here are Italy’s 4 most fascinating destinations that will leave every tourist amazed.


What makes Sicily so very special is its astonishing diversity. Tourists can start their journey in Etna to fully enjoy Italian summers. Close to Mount Etna are the spectacular baroque settlements which are greatly complemented by the excellent Greek and Roman ruins. Since all of these spots are spread across the island, travellers also get to experience the joys of a road trip in order to visit them all.

Just around spring time when temperatures start to heat up and roads are quiet, a quick trip to the historic island is ideal. There are plenty of lovely villas in Sicily to stay in, most in peaceful locations with excellent views. In order to completely explore the island, a week is probably enough. However, for anyone wanting to experience this famous island a bit more, an extra week on Sicily might be a good idea.


Easily reachable by car or even tourist bus from the surrounding cities, Pompeii is certainly Europe’s most gripping archaeological spot. Extensive and equally poignant, the ruins of Pompeii are a glaring representation of the powerful forces of nature. Visiting the ethereal ruins of ancient Pompeii make for one of the most captivating historical experiences. What makes Pompeii so appealing is the fact that the city wasn’t completely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, but that it was merely buried under volcanic ash and rubble. The cataclysmic eruption preserved many artefacts which can still be seen almost 2,000 years later.

Tourists can walk down the Roman roads and explore houses, temples and amphitheatres that are centuries old. The ancient Villa dei Misteri and the first century BC bathhouse Terme Suburbane are must-see attractions.



Rome, one of the world’s greatest historic cities, has some marvellous tourist attractions. Be it the grand Colosseum or the much-loved Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo – each and every inch of Rome is full of history and beauty. Roma Experience is a popular tour company which provides guided tours of Rome, so even if you know little in the beginning, by the end of the tour you’ll know everything about the fascinating history of Rome. While art lovers will enjoy the many churches, temples, mausoleums and villas, culinary explorers will enjoy the many restaurants in the city. They all offer an array of local cuisine with plenty of delicious options to choose from.


Milan’s historical and architectural repertoire is somewhat undermined by its celebrated fashion brands. In truth, the city has so much to offer, right from the La Scala opera house to the numerous outstanding art museums – including the Brera which has an amazing collection of Renaissance art. Milanese museums are famous for preserving the legacy of the great Leonardo da Vinci – particularly his Last Supper painting and his sketchbooks, most of which are on display at the Ambrosiana Library.

These places in Italy, apart from being enjoyable, certainly make travellers find a deep respect for human existence and our ancient ancestors.

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