Hip, Hip, Hanoi!

Hanoi is one of Southeast Asia’s most stylish cities. It’s hip, dynamic, walkable, historic, trendy, picturesque and very, very enjoyable. Ten minutes after arriving, we were dedicated fans of Vietnam’s sensationally chaotic capital. Whether strolling through the atmospheric Temple of Literature or squatting on a plastic chair at a corner coffee stall, this place represents Asia at its best.

On day one, I was already in serious panic mode that we had so little time here. (I just might need a year.) Seriously, we would need weeks to explore the city’s back streets, markets, temples, museums, and restaurants. And there are endless possibilities for excursions into the surrounding rural areas. But despite my obsessive need to see everything, each time we step out of the hotel, the city’s cool cafes and coffee houses lure us in and lull us into do-nothing mode as we sit for hours people watching.

One response to “Hip, Hip, Hanoi!”

  1. avatar Leslie says:

    I have a photo taken like this, except I was drinking a 333 bia! Hanoi rocks!

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