Spring Hiking in Gozo

The Azure Window, Gozo’s famous natural bridge shown below, collapsed on March 8, 2017. Read on for more info.

Tony and Thomas near the Gozo Azure Window (collapsed in March 2017).

While many might scream hysterically at the concept of visiting any Mediterranean island before temperatures make swimming comfortable, we beg to disagree. Spring brings waves of colorful flowers to many of the arid islands, and cooler temperatures are perfect for long coastal hikes. Gozo, Malta’s smaller neighbor, is a perfect example.

Thomas rests in a field of Gozo flowers

“A few weeks each year, little Gozo blossoms into a key destination for naturalists.”

Most people know Gozo as a nicer alternative to Malta’s discount package tourism. Niche historians and architecture buffs know it as the location of monumental Ggantija, the most ancient surviving Neolithic temple complex in the Mediterranean. But every spring, another select group is drawn to the island.

Ġgantija in Gozo

Tony hikes along the steep cliffs of Gozo

Flowers in Gozo

For a few weeks each year, little Gozo blossoms into a key destination for naturalists. Mother Nature puts on an unsurpassed show of wild flowers. As far as the eye can see, a rainbow of blossoms carpets the normally brown, arid island. They flow across the terraced landscape and spill over the white cliffs, dozens of colorful species, some of them quite rare. In fact, the yellow flowers in the first panel below, known as Maltese Everlasting, is quite endangered and only survives on parts of Gozo and tiny Comino.

Spring flowers of Gozo

Spring is THE time for hikers. Blue skies and cool breezes make exploring Gozo’s steep coastal scenery much more enjoyable than the hot summer temperatures that most visitors experience during peak season. The most spectacular walk leads along the dramatic, plunging cliffs north of Xlendi past the now-collapsed stone arch towards the Inland Sea.

“’Game of Thrones’ fans will recognize the arch as the location where Daenerys Targaryen became the Khaleesi…”

Sadly, the collapsed Azure Window was a major highlight of the hike and could be seen from quite a distance (see photo from 2005 below). “Game of Thrones” fans will recognize the arch as the location where Daenerys Targaryen became the Khaleesi when she married Khal Drogo. It’s not just a blow to fantasy fans but to nature lovers as well. While the missing Azure Window may put a little dent in the experience, there’s still plenty to see along the way.

Tony relaxes along the beautiful coast of Gozo

The entire hike is scenic overload as the path twists and winds its way through a sea of flowers past a series of crystal bays. High up on the cliffs, the views out over the Mediterranean and back towards Malta are magnificent. You usually have to work much harder for this kind of scenery.

Wandering along the rocky coast

Another very enjoyable hike leads south of Ramla l-Hamra, Gozo’s famous orange-red beach, along a similarly colored coast of massive boulders and tide pools. It’s entirely different from the cliffs of Xlendi and allows for a quick dip and maybe some snorkeling if you dare the chilly spring waters.

Flowers everywhere

“Unfortunately, the Maltese have a long tradition of bird hunting…”

Considering the abundance of flowers, rocky coastline, crystal waters and the fact that the Maltese islands lie along a main migration route between Africa and Europe, you would think that Gozo would be a birder’s paradise. Unfortunately, the Maltese have a long tradition of bird hunting and they love their guns almost as much as Americans. This translates into what is often referred to as a “bird massacre.” For years, environmentalists and bird lovers have been trying to bring the hunters into compliance with Maltese and European law. That’s no easy task. (Read more about the bird situation at Birdlife Malta.)

Taking in the crystal waters of Gozo

If the Maltese government and the E.U. can get the hunting problem under control, Gozo will one day add birding to its long list of attractions. For the time being, hikers who don’t mind dodging a few bullets can still enjoy the spectacular trails, the Neolithic ruins, the beaches, and the historical villages. And seriously consider visiting during the phenomenal spring bloom. It’s really worth it. I’m already eyeing additional Mediterranean options like Sardinia, Sicily and Crete for future springtime adventures.

Time to rest

Tips on Visiting Gozo

Because Malta is a major destination for discount package tourists, this is one of the few times we are going to recommend considering an all-inclusive package. We priced discount flights to Malta and the cheapest flight we could find was more expensive than an all-inclusive trip including round-trip airfare and ten nights accommodation in Valletta (on Malta) with breakfast. We bought the package, stayed a week in Malta, just threw away three of the nights, and then booked a guest house for the remaining three days on Gozo. It ended up being a great vacation.

Despite the fact that Malta often markets itself as a cheap beach destination, we’re huge fans of the tiny nation because it boasts a rich cultural and natural heritage including multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites. We highly recommend visiting both islands! Check out our Malta and Gozo Pictorial to see some of the incredible treasures.

Inland Sea Gozo

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9 responses to “Spring Hiking in Gozo”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Thanks Guys,
    Beautiful photos.

  2. avatar Sam says:

    Looks gorgeous! I had no idea the Mediterranen was such a good place to see so many beautiful flowers in spring!

  3. avatar Tony says:

    It was extremely beautiful. Malta has a bit of a reputation for its package tourism, but it really is quite a cool place. Great culture, great walled cities, nice water, and beautiful flowers. We have a pictorial coming up, too.

  4. avatar laurelle says:

    That’s pretty cool. While the area may be kind of a tourist trap for Europeans, I think it’s safe to say it’s off the radar for most North Americans. Gozo sounds and looks like a beautiful destination in the springtime! I might just get into that chilly water….

    By the way, those Maltese place names are really interesting. Did you learn anything about the dialect while visiting there?

    • avatar Tony says:

      Yes, Malta is a bit like a European Cabo San Lucas. Gozo is a fantastic location for nature and culture and so is the island of Malta itself. Maltese is a Semitic language which evidently evolved from Sicilian Arabic (which was spoken on Sicily when it was Muslim.) It’s the only Semitic language in the E.U.

  5. avatar Sandy Cates says:

    Visited in 1983. One of my favs.

    • I know. Isn’t it sad? By the way, you win the prize for actually processing a social media post. I’m afraid a lot of people aren’t reading the text.

  6. avatar Doris Mondo says:

    Um so schöner das ihr 2 noch ein Foto von dem Azure-Fenster habt.

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