Happy New Year’s to Everyone

Toasting to 2017

We are wrapping up 2016 in Bangkok, one of our all-time favorite cities to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. We are wishing all of our family and friends a happy new year, and we hope we have inspired you with some of our travels.

In 2016, we made it to eleven countries on four continents traveling through Germany, Italy, Portugal, the U.S., Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, the Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. While 2015 was all about nature and wildlife, 2016 was all about cities and food. Yes, South America left us a bit starved for nourishment.

Japan, Morocco and Taiwan

We started our year in Lisbon where we lived on pata negra ham and vinho verde. We castle-hopped our way across the Iberian Peninsula to Madrid and caught a flight to San Diego where we feasted on chicken mole and refried beans. From there, we ate and drank our way across the Canary Islands indulging in garlic shrimp and wrinkled potatoes on the beach. Moving on to North Africa, we hiked the Altas Mountains, road-tripped the Moroccan Sahara and discovered the joys of cinammon-sprinkled pigeon pie in Marrakesh and Fes. Bouncing back through Europe, we enjoyed fish and chips in Gibraltar, curry wurst in Berlin and goulash and sauerkraut in Prague. Somehow, we suddenly found ourselves back in Asia, where we basked in the glory of sushi in Tokyo, potstickers in Taipei and green papaya salad in Bangkok. 2016 was the year we managed to pack all our favorite foods into 12 months of culinary adventure… and we didn’t gain a single pound. Now that is a successful travel year!

Here’s to another year of safe exciting travels and good food! Hooray 2017!

TnT in Japan

7 responses to “Happy New Year’s to Everyone”

  1. avatar greeneyes says:

    Happy New Years, Guys.
    We hope you have an exciting 2017.
    Love you
    Mom and Ken

  2. Happy New Year! Bleibt gesund und munter und wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen in 2017!

  3. Ein gutes neues ihr zwei

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Martinique⛵ ; another year passed full of new experiences!! Head on, you two!!

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