Goodbye Indonesia, Hello Pixlr

Indonesia has so much to offer, I have no doubt that we will return in the future to explore more of its unique cultures and adventurous offerings. It is truly one of the world’s greatest destinations.

Interestingly, just as I was sitting down to design a graphic to sum up our time in Indonesia, the online service Pixlr and its associated Chrome app came to our attention. Pixlr offers a free, relatively advanced online photo editor, which can be quite useful for travelers – especially those without a laptop – who wish to work with their photos while on the road.

Easily used from Internet cafes, Pixlr works like a pared-down version of Photoshop, enabling travelers to alter photos, resize and crop photos, add interesting filters, and reduce photos for web use. What really distinguishes Pixlr in my mind is the inclusion of layers and layer masks. Nice.

Intrigued by a completely web-based photo editor, I set out to create the collage above to test Pixlr and its features. To be fair, the collage design would not push any limits in a powerhouse editor like Photoshop, but it does require cropping, layers, lines, opacity options, and borders. Moreover, I like to reduce images for the web. All of these processes were a breeze in Pixlr with the odd exception of adding a border; I had to add a layer and crop out the center leaving a one-pixel border. (I reduce opacity to 60% just to give a hint of definition around the image, so the border is very subtle.)

Pixlr is definitely the best web-based editor I have found to date; please let me know if you have found anything better. What’s more, Pixlr is available as a Google Drive app, which means that you can store your processed images in the cloud as well. That’s perfect for Contemporary Nomads who want to leave the computer at home, but need to process, edit, or store images from Internet cafes!

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  1. avatar Fetler23 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Pixlr is pretty useful.

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