Filling Up

Cambodian Gas Pump

Cruising around on our mopeds through the Cambodian countryside, we have had a hard time spotting gas stations. Nothing looks like a Shell with an air-conditioned convenience store. Instead, fuel hand pumps present the latest technology in these regions.

Whenever I see a hand pump sticking out of a rusty fuel barrel, I think of an episode of The Amazing Race. One of the teams was almost eliminated because they had the hardest time filling up the glass cylinder. But not worries. For the technologically challenged, there are fool-proof gas stations where you can buy gasoline by the soft drink bottle.

Cambodian Gas Station

2 responses to “Filling Up”

  1. Have you noticed any bio diesel? Is anyone repurposing used cooking oil for fuel? Just curious.

  2. avatar Thomas says:

    I have not noticed bio diesel here. In Thailand, however, people use a lot of natural gas to power their cars. The air quality in Bangkok is so much better than it was 20 years ago. Hopefully, this trend will spread to the neighboring countries.

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