Diver Assists Entangled Dolphin

We initially shared a shorter version of this video on our Facebook Fanpage, but then we discovered the full 8-minute video of Keller Laros helping a dolphin remove fishing line caught in its mouth. This is an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime piece of footage with incredible implications of a depth of intelligence that many skeptics have denied. Researchers will most certainly be studying this footage for years to come.

Being divers ourselves, we immediately recognized Keller’s extensive dive experience. For non-divers, removing the fishing line may seem obvious, but it isn’t. The fact that Keller even noticed the line at all during a night dive with a dolphin swimming around his head is impressive. But Keller was also confronted with a difficult decision: should he try to remove the line and risk spooking the dolphin and thereby risk injury to himself? Clearly, Keller is a pro.

And having dabbled in the difficult art of dive photography and film, we are in AWE of Martina Wing’s exceptional underwater filming skills. From the very beginning, she expertly documents each step of the encounter. I really felt like I was on the dive myself. I cannot convey how much I love this footage. I was offended when I heard a reporter refer to the clip as “amateur footage.” Martina is no amateur. Thanks Martina for keeping your cool and documenting something truly miraculous and sharing that with the world.

4 responses to “Diver Assists Entangled Dolphin”

  1. avatar Sarah says:

    Bravo to the brave diver.

  2. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Thank you for sharing this video.
    We were just discussing last night the fact that we wish we could view a longer version.
    Ken dove this area on a night dive years ago.
    We have fondly recalled this trip many times.

  3. avatar Laurelle says:

    I wonder how hard it was to maintain buoyancy while holding on to a dolphin and wielding a sharp dive tool? (For that matter, how do dolphins maintain buoyancy?) It’s hard to tell the dive depth, but judging from the fins kicking at the surface, it looks like it could be under 10 meters, so maybe wasn’t a big deal.

    An incredible experience for all the creatures involved!

  4. avatar Laurelle says:

    I miss my avatar.

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