Unique and Off-The-Beaten-Path Beaches in Vietnam

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

The miles and miles of coastline of Vietnam are world-famous for their stunning islands, secluded bays, and exciting water sports. Needless to say, Vietnam and its beaches are a magnet for beach lovers. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches here, and your Vietnamese vacation remains incomplete if you have not explored those unique beaches in Vietnam. You can book ground and sea transportation tickets online and make the most of your trip.

Here is a guide to some of the most off-the-beaten-path beaches in Vietnam. Continue…

6 Ways You Can Minimize Things in Your Life to Travel More

If you’re reading this post, I feel qualified to make one assumption about you. That is, you want to travel more than you currently do. It’s a common sentiment. But work, money, and budgeting all hold us back from the fun life we want to live. It’s just the way it is… right? Well, maybe not.

If you can minimize a few things in your life, you may be able to travel more. Don’t believe this applies to you? Just read on. Here are 6 changes that you (yes, you) can make to work toward your goal of traveling more.

1. Review Your Budget

If you don’t already have a budget that accounts for every dollar you make, create one now. This will be the single biggest step towards living the life you want. You can use apps like Mint or YNAB, or you can use a simple ledger.

Your goal in reviewing this budget is to see which expenses are really necessary for your survival. This isn’t to say that you should cut everything else, but something does have to give.


What to Do with Your Travel Pictures

It’s pretty safe to say that nowadays almost all of us return from a trip with hundreds of photos on their smartphone or camera. But what happens to them afterwards? You might show them to your loved ones, but usually they end up somewhere on your computer and you won’t look at them again much more – unfortunately. To avoid this, there are several different options for what you can do with all your travel pictures when you return from your trips. Continue…

A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for a Cross-Country Road Trip

Road trip

There are few things that are as good as hopping in the car with the whole family, zooming along the freeway, and hitting the wide, open roads. Road trips, especially those that go all the way across the country, are a family vacation that you’ll never forget.

Here, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to preparing for a cross-country road trip. With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a successful getaway! Continue…

Perfect Holiday Destinations for Snorkelling and Scuba Diving


For any snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiast, the prospect of diving under water with whales, sea turtles, tropical fishes, manta rays or even underwater statues is irresistible. This list of holiday destinations for snorkelling and scuba diving will thrill anyone interested in discovering exciting new underwater worlds.


Any scuba diving enthusiast will be familiar with the names of these places – Bay of Pigs, Jardines de la Reina or Maria la Gorda. What do these places have in common? They all belong to the Caribbean paradise that is Cuba. Home to numerous remarkable diving sites, Cuba’s reefs have been astoundingly well preserved, and are thus the perfect place to go snorkelling and diving. Continue…

Italy’s 4 Most Fascinating Destinations


Whether it is the majesty of ancient Rome, the wonderful diversity of Sicily or the art and magnificence of Milan, Italy is a nation full of delights for travellers. As there are just too many places to explore in this historic country, here are Italy’s 4 most fascinating destinations that will leave every tourist amazed.


What makes Sicily so very special is its astonishing diversity. Tourists can start their journey in Etna to fully enjoy Italian summers. Close to Mount Etna are the spectacular baroque settlements which are greatly complemented by the excellent Greek and Roman ruins. Since all of these spots are spread across the island, travellers also get to experience the joys of a road trip in order to visit them all. Continue…

6 Walking Holiday Destinations with Amazing Scenery

Hiking in Morocco

There really isn’t a better way to truly realize the beauty of a place than by actually feeling its ground under your feet, letting the hills and valleys take a toll on your legs, and letting the sunshine bounce off your skin. Now walking is certainly not the preferred mode of travelling for most people, but in these six walking holiday destinations – all of which offer amazing sceneries – it certainly is the best option. Continue…

10 Essential Rental Car Safety Tips

Painted rocks in Morocco

With summer finally here, everyone is getting ready to go on an epic road trip or adventure with their loved ones. But before you can make the most out of this warm weather, you should make sure your rental car is not only up to par with quality and fulfills all your needs and wants in a vehicle, but is an unquestionably safe and reliable car to drive.

Here are ten essential rental car safety tips you should remember Continue…

Happy Birthday Tony!

Tony's birthday

Happy 47th birdday, Tony! How does it feel to have spent the last ten years traveling the world? Obviously, you’ve made some new friends along the way. Enjoy the love! 🙂

Happy New Year’s to Everyone

Toasting to 2017

We are wrapping up 2016 in Bangkok, one of our all-time favorite cities to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. We are wishing all of our family and friends a happy new year, and we hope we have inspired you with some of our travels.

In 2016, we made it to eleven countries on four continents traveling through Germany, Italy, Portugal, the U.S., Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, the Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. While 2015 was all about nature and wildlife, 2016 was all about cities and food. Yes, South America left us a bit starved for nourishment. Continue…