Frugal Luxury? It’s Achievable For Anyone!


When you’re traveling, the most important things on the checklist are: Travel insurance, good accommodation, great tours and great luggage that will store everything you need. When you’re traveling to any new country, you will want to get a feel of how safe it is and where it is best to stay. If you love luxury but also want to be frugal, there are some ways to book a great hotel and the best trips – even while strolling in the dunes!


Managing Your Business the Nomadic Way

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Wide access to the Internet has allowed people to get their work done in all sorts of ways, with the kind of flexibility that would have been unthinkable only a couple of decades ago. As such, a lot of people are working and running a business from home, but there are those who run their business while trotting the globe, too. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips for those nomads looking to keep running a small business, blog, or brand while making their way around the world.


Best North American Cities for Digital Nomads

Working and Traveling

If you have a passion for exploring and traveling to new destinations, you’re probably into the idea of working remotely. In a recent survey by the International Workplace Group, 74 percent of respondents viewed flexible work as the “new normal”, making restrictive workplace policies a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a new city to call your temporary home, here are our top five suggestions in North America that cater to your caffeine, dining, and coworking needs: Continue…

Worthwhile Additions to Any Traveler’s Suitcase

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Taking the time to travel abroad can be a truly soul-sustaining effort, and it may even help you find yourself. That being said, travel is not just a spiritually uplifting and thoroughly enticing adventure to focus on, but it’s also an expressed set of skills and the result of practical thinking that allows us to travel carefully and with confidence.

Part of traveling correctly is learning about your environment, researching your destinations, and figuring out the best paths forward. This means, it’s important to figure out exactly what you should carry with you on any given day. Also, practical planning before you leave your home can be essential. Continue…

For the Thrillist in You: Safety Tips for Adventure-Seeking Digital Nomads

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Do you feel more alive when you have an adrenaline rush? Or maybe the thought of not knowing what lies ahead makes your heart skip a beat? If you experience any of these feelings, then you might just be an adventure-seeking Thrillist.

As an adventure-seeking Thrillist, you thrive on adventure, and monotony is your enemy. This reason alone is why so many thrill-seekers have left their full-time jobs and adopted the digital nomad lifestyle.

When you adopt the digital nomad lifestyle, you’re essentially letting go of the office environment as well as your stable income… now that’s an adrenaline rush not too many people are willing to experience – but as an adventure-seeking digital nomad, that’s exactly what you’ve been missing from your life. Continue…

Places of Interest on the Hop-on Hop-off Tours in Paris

Paris Eiffel Tower

Every tourist has the world’s most romantic city, Paris, on his bucket list. After all, there is so much art and history in the city. There are so many sights, popular destinations, and famous landmarks around the capital. And one of the best ways to explore and see the highlights of the city is to get on the hop-on hop-off Paris bus tours.

Paris hop-on hop-off tours are very popular with tourists, and what makes them even more enjoyable are the different language options available. Get ready for some memorable and educational fun as you discover your destination with an expert guide.

Here are some of the popular landmarks and places of interest that you get to see when you are on one of the hop-on hop-off tours in Paris: Continue…

Beginner’s Guide to Poon Hill Trek Nepal

Nepal is a country of many wonders. The small country is home to the highest mountain on the face of the planet.

From the high Himalayas to the low regions, the topography is diverse and unique. Eight of the fourteen eight-thousanders lie in Nepal. It is one of the best trekking destinations in the world.

The Great Himalayan Trail offers some of the best trekking destinations. Ranging from months-long to short 1-4-day treks, there is something for everyone here.

The Poon Hill trek is a short 4-5-day trek in the Annapurna region. A beginner’s guide to Poon Hill trek Nepal provides comprehensive information about trekking Poon Hill. Continue…

If You Travel to China, How Long Should You Stay?

China is a long way away. If you live in the U.S., it is halfway around the planet on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. For those in Europe, getting there involves traversing the entire continent of Asia.

Suffice to say, getting to China is a significant effort, so when you go, you want to make sure that you stay long enough to make the most of your trip.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how long you should stay in China, depending on your goals and when you’re going. Continue…

Best Bird Watching Destinations for Beginners

Golden Oriole

Being an avid birder can get pretty complicated. Besides all of the different species to look out for, there is choosing the perfect location. For those that are new to bird watching, finding the right spot is often a challenge.

If you are looking for the best bird watching holidays for beginners, there are plenty of fantastic options available. These are a lot slower paced and filled with expert-guided instruction. Whether you are a complete novice or just want to touch up your bird watching knowledge, be sure to consider these birding getaways. Continue…

The Ultimate Trekking List: 5 Spectacular Treks To Undertake in 2020


Here’s a huge shout-out to ALL the adventurous souls! We’ve got something that’ll really get your adrenaline levels sky-high. (Okay, slight exaggeration here, or maybe not!)

What if we tell you about the most famous treks of the world you NEED TO explore and check them off your bucket list? (Just having mentioned this got you thrilled, right?)

Get ready to set sail on your future trekking journey as we list below the extremely bewildering and enthralling trekking trails of the world. Continue…