Rhinos at Risk

Indian Rhino, Chitwan National Park

Check out this rhino I photographed during our walk in Chitwan. I was standing behind a tree clicking pictures when he noticed the clicking sound and turned right towards me! Great photo, but when he noticed me, he started grunting and snorting, so I had to slip away back into the bush.

Having seen a total of 12 rhinos in Chitwan, our previous postings may have left the impression that rhinos are a dime a dozen here. They aren’t! There is an all-out war going on between Continue…

Chitwan National Park – A Walk on the Wild Side

Marsh Mugger, Chitwan National Park

Having pushed our way through the dense elephant grass, we emerge into a sandy river course, our guide suddenly whispers that we are in the territory of a known tiger. Listening intently for even the slightest sound around us, we move along the river bed through a tangle of trees and overgrowth. All of a sudden, we come across a tiger paw print, and realize the print is still fresh – our hearts start racing – the beast is somewhere close by. Continue…

A Taste of India

Every time we complain about the traffic, the hassling or the bureaucracy in Nepal, we get the same answer, “Wait until you get to India.” After having been in Nepal for several months and coming out of China and Tibet where we had to deal with a lot of mindless bureaucracy, we didn’t think it could get any worse. But we were obviously wrong. Well, we got our first taste of Indian bureaucracy getting our visas this week – I think we are now starting to understand. Continue…

Kala Patthar 360 View

Kala Patthar View

A 360 Panorama to enjoy the incredible view from Kala Patthar! When the 360 opens, you’ll be looking at Nuptse with Everest peaking out to the left. As you pan around, you can see the Khumbu Glacier and the Khumbu Icefall off to the left. Continuing left, you’ll see Pumori rising up behind you. Enjoy your view of Everest – it’s just like being there yourself. View the 360 image.


Durbar Square Patan

If you want to see a great concentration of intricate Newari architecture, Patan is the place to go. Patan is the second-largest town in the Kathmandu valley and is separated from Kathmandu only by the Bagmati River.

Metalwork Shop Patan

It is a network of interlocking courtyards, squares, ponds, twisting alleys with metalwork shops and temples many of which are richly decorated with Continue…


Swayambunath Monkeys

Swayambunath is an absolute blast! A Buddhist/Hindu temple set on a forest-covered hill overlooking Kathmandu, Swayambunath is crawling with hundreds of monkeys. Monkeys everywhere – swinging through trees, climbing stupas, sitting in Buddha’s lap, stealing Continue…

Maoists Take Over Part 2

For the last two days, since we heard that our hotel was shut down because of Maoists, we couldn’t think of much else but our laptop in storage. Suddenly, we couldn’t wait to get back to Kathmandu as fast as possible.

When the taxi finally dropped us off at a small street leading to our hotel, we immediately noticed the missing hotel signs. Quite apprehensive, we walked into the deserted hotel complex looking around for any sign of life. To our surprise, we found the front door open and the hotel manager standing in the lobby. He confirmed the closing of the hotel because of Maoists but then announced that the hotel would be opening up again the very same day.

We were extremely relieved and happy to find our luggage still sitting there and even happier when we got our “old” room back with a spacious, sunny balcony, TV with movie channels and a steaming hot shower.